Written by gale

9 Mar 2010

When I turned a fifty, a young friend joked that when a man becomes that age it wouldn’t be long before he’s hanging around public toilets, looking at other men’s cocks and wanting to touch them. I laughed at the time but in the ten years since passed, he never spoke truer words.

Up until I turned fifty, although happily married, I’d sought excitement outside marriage, this led me to enjoy several sexual experiences and forays exclusively with members of the fairer sex, but that said, I had indulged in bi-sexual moments while in a regular three-some where the wife really got off when watching me sucking her husbands cock. (That is a wonderful story in itself.) Also all my earliest sexual experiences were same sex as I had a wanking chum until I was 16, so I was no stranger to cock sucking. I just thought I’d grown out of it.

It wasn’t long after my fiftieth that when I noticed my chums prophesy coming true. It started one early evening in the gents at Waterloo station while taking a boozy pee. I became aware that two men nearby were taking longer at the urinals than would be considered normal. A sly look revealed that they were waving a cock each. At first I thought that they were shaking their willies after a wee as men do, but a second glance told me that their pricks were erect and hard and they were waiving them at each other. The two men, after giving furtive glances around the loo, then disappeared into separate cubicles but next to each other. I thought, this was strange at the time but all was to come clear later. I left the toilets and made my way home but couldn’t get the stiff cock image out of my mind.

A few nights later, again on the way home, I popped into the loo and out of curiosity I decided to use the one of the cubicles used by the two men. I looked around the ‘trap’ and saw that the walls were almost solid all the way down to the floor with a very tiny gap at the bottom. I then noticed a bit of toilet paper stuck to wall. Curiosity made me lift up the paper and to show that it was hiding a small hole that had been drilled through the wall. (Who did that?) More curiosity got the better of me so I locked the door and sat down and waited. It wasn’t long before I noticed that the paper begin to flutter. I lifted the paper up and got the shock of my life for there was an eye peeping at me. The eye disappeared so I had a look through and saw, about six inches away, an erect un-cut cock being masturbated. Now having a hard-on myself I stood up placed myself a few inches away and also started to wank. The eye appeared again. Then a little rolled up note appeared through the hole asking me if I would spunk through the hole. I duly obliged. (It didn’t take long,) I was soon pumping what I could through the small hole. When I finished I looked though and all I could see was a mouth and tongue licking and swallowing what sperm I’d managed to force through the hole. Spent and embarrassed and a little scared I quickly left and made my way home. I’d just had my first ‘cottage’ experience.

It wasn’t a few weeks later and I found myself back in the same cubicle. (I had noticed from other visits to the toilets that these two particular ones seemed always to be engaged and now I knew why!) The cubicle next door was empty, but not for long as I heard the door click shut. I was soon wanking away while watching for an eye to appear. It did. I had a look through myself and there on the other side was an open mouth. I quickly put my cock close-up to the hole and it wasn’t long before I shot my load as best I could through the hole. Again I was out of there like a shot. That’s men for you.

This now became a habit but one day, after seeing a cock being wanked on the other side I thought I would put my mouth to the hole. Again it wasn’t long before a load seeped its way through the hole and was dribbling down the wall for me to lick and suck-up. It was delicious and the first spunk I had tasted since adolescence, I had forgotten how good it tasted.

Then disaster. They closed men’s toilet for refurbishment for two months.

My first visit to the toilets after the refurbishment was a morning one, at about 10.30. I was a bit early for a meeting so I took the opportunity to pay a visit to see what the new loos were like. I thought maybe they would be now cottage proof. But they weren’t. In fact it was now easier for contact as the walls now had a reasonable gap beneath the partition.

I went into a sparkly new cubicle and sat down and waited. It wasn’t long before heard the next door being closed and bolted. After a while I noticed a shadow on the floor. The shadow was that of a hand quickly going up and down. Someone was having a shadow wank. I stood up and did the same. A highly polished shoe then appeared under the gap, “Ahh.” I thought, the signal I had heard about. I put my shoe near his. A hand then appeared so I bent down and touched it. (This is getting to sound romantic!) The hand disappeared and after a bit of shuffling two bare knees appeared followed by a stiff un-cut cock just peering under the partition. I got down and started to feel the cock. Another first. I was feeling a complete strangers prick in a public place. I started to wank it off. I then put my other hand under the partition and felt a lovely pair of balls. I started even tickle the space between the balls and arse. I was contemplating whether to try and get down on the floor and suck the cock off when, without warning, it started to pump cum. I quickly put my hand under the cock to catch it all. When it seemed to be spent, the cock disappeared back to where it came from, so just sucked the spunk out of the palm of my hand and swallowed it down. Another first. Two milestones in a day. I went off to my meeting in state of ecstasy.

Up until a couple of years, under the wall-wanking and spunk catching at Waterloo was a regular thing, that was until one day while I was in one of cubicles, waiting for a bit of action, there was banging on a door a few cubicles down from where I was. It was the transport police. Someone had been seen acting in a ‘lewd’ way and had been reported. That was the end of cubicle fun for me.

Didn’t given up completely with Waterloo as it happens, I still pop in on the way home from visits to town to search out cock just to have a look at. I now pee at the urinals in the other section of the men’s toilet, where there are no cubicles. I stand down the end, the furthest away from the entrance. I normally always take a pee and wait. On a good day, it’s not long before you are usually joined by a fellow cock-waiver. I’ve seen some beauties and recently I got to feel a monster cock that was being hoisted by it’s owner. It wasn’t long before were joined by an even older man who came and stood on the other side of the man and who didn’t waste anytime by getting his own knob out. He was braver than me and started to wank-off the big cock. Three’s a crowd I thought, and again, just on the side of danger for me, I zipped up and left them to it. I am thrill seeker but have learned when not to push it.

That’s all for now. There is more to follow.

In part two of my story I will bring you up to date with my latest cottaging adventures.