Written by gale

10 Mar 2010

The development of the internet bought fresh thrills and I soon discovered Swinging Heaven. Though here I managed to meet up with a three like-minded men and had some cross-dressing (always been partial) and panty sniffing fun. They smelt my wife’s and I smelt theirs and I usually gave a blow job and always got one in return with the session always ending with the spunking of our loads into our respective wives knickers. I even managed to meet and give a man his first anal fuck. On another site I met a German couple and spent an afternoon in bed with both of them in a Gatwick hotel. (Yet another story.)

But communicating through the internet is not a safe option. Not because of who you might meet but what is left on your computer. After a few near misses at home, when the wife nearly found mail and sites in the bookmark file I stopped exchanging views with fellow travellers and the like.

I decided to retire from the thrill hunt especially seeking cock to suck relying on giving the occasional blow-job to the friend who I enjoyed the three-some with some years ago. (He’s still up for fun but his wife isn’t.)

But not for long, for I discovered on SH, that not far from where I live, there is a famous dogging and open air cottage site. My thrill seeking and desire for the cock of strangers soon got the better of me and coincidently with having to make business trips down the A3.

I first checked out the sites and discovered that there were two car parks, one biggish one with a small café and a smaller one just two hundred yards down the road. The woods that surround both are well used in the day-time by horse riders and dog walkers. As a cottage, I believed at the time, was mostly used at night and was always busy according to gay sex guides on the internet. Not so I discovered. A few more daytime visits showed that there seemed to be quite a lot of lone men in lone cars parking up and disappearing into the woods.

The large car park seemed a bit too busy so I settled on the smaller one for the first couple of visits. I parked up just sat in the car and getting-off on the fact of what was happening around me. Cars coming in parking up, men getting out disappearing into the woods and coming back later and driving off. Then on one visit a car pulled up and parked close to me. I looked over and saw that the man was just reading his newspaper. Then I noticed that something was moving under the paper. The chap having spotted that I didn’t disapprove of what he was doing lifted the paper and revealed that he was wanking a lovely cock. Now this may sound weird but for some reason in all those early visits I found it hard to get a full erection. Though feeling really turned on, my cock wasn’t matching my ardour. Was this the early stages of erectile dysfunction function I thought? Not so, for when I got home from the trips I managed a good stiffy and always spunked. I put it down to the thrill of the chase and didn’t worry about it anymore.

Over the months my business trips down the A3 became more regular, as did my visits to the little car park. It was either a feast or foul for the voyeur and cock watchers like me. Sometimes I did get to park up by another car and got to see a cock being wanked or not at all, but what always seemed to be constant was, cars arriving, men getting out and disappearing into the trees for what was obviously more than mushroom hunting. I was too scared for that.

That was until one day last summer when I couldn’t help myself. It was a hot summer’s afternoon and I was feeling really horny and drove to the little car park. As soon as I parked up I got my cock out and hey presto I got a hard on and started to wank.

Not soon after a small car pulled up and parked near me. The male driver looked over at me. He must have guessed what I was doing as he started to play with himself through the shorts he was wearing. The man then got out and headed down the pathway that leads to a deeper part of the wood. He turned around and saw me still watching, he gave a quick look around and dropped his shorts to reveal a hard cock. This was too much. I got out and followed him down the path. He seemed to walk for ages always keeping a gap between us. He then stopped along the path, checked for dog walkers and such and made his way into a dense growth of saplings. I followed. About 25 yards in I found him in a thicket standing with his shorts down to his knees with a lovely cock standing to attention. I embarrassingly asked him if it was okay to suck it. He didn’t say a word and looked away. Taking that as a “yes” I got down and put his prick in my mouth. Now fellow cottagers will tell you, that apart from the spunking this is the best bit. The thrill of a strange mans dick in ones mouth, no matter how big or small is the best.

I sucked and rimmed the helmet and licked the stem. I deep-throated him, managing to get all his cock in my mouth. I tenderly touched the underneath of his balls and near his hole. All the time I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. After about a minute of intense sucking and helmet rimming I pulled away to admire his cock. The man muttered “Fuck I am going to come” and shot the first spurt over the forest floor. I quickly got my hand under his pumping dick as it continued to spunk. He certainly needed to come as he filled the palm of my hand to the brim. Again I asked him if it was okay to drink it. He muttered something I didn’t quite hear but I took that also as a “Yes.” What sweet tasting spunk it was too. As the man cleaned himself up, with heart racing I scurried out of the thicket and made my way back to the car park.

I had done it! I’d properly sucked a cock in a ‘cottage’ for the first time. Strangely enough, despite my excitement, my hard-on had disappeared but when I got home it rose up in pleasure and with the taste the spunk still in my mouth I managed a great wank.

I thought maybe that experience was my last as I had gone all the way as I felt no need to return for more. But soon enough the urge returned. So knowing I had another business trip down the A3 I planned a detour.

My meeting was scheduled for mid morning on the other side of Guildford but I left home a little bit earlier so I could pay an early visit to the car park. In a cross-dressing mood I wore a white lacy thong belonging to the wife under my jeans. I got to the car park and there were already a couple of empty parked cars. I got out and took to the woods. This time I took a path that I noticed was regularly used by cottagers. It led up a hill and into the wood. There was no one to be seen so I wandered around a bit and found myself walking down path that led away from the hilly part of the wood. I then noticed a car coming into the car park and the driver getting out and making his way up the hill. Turning back I went back up the hill to try and meet him walking up the path. Sure enough there he was walking towards me. Our eyes met for a moment and looked away. I walked passed him and stopped. I turned around and noticed he had done the same. He then walked slowly away from me and stopped by a tree. I turned back and followed him. This was different from the last time and I didn’t quite know what to do but the bloke saved me the worry and stopped and turned around. He looked around and then started to rub himself. I did the same. We walked slowly towards each other and exchanged a ‘good morning’ I then added that I was new to the business and didn’t quite know what to do. He said he didn’t quite know either as he was a beginner also. I could tell he had a hard on and put my hand on the lump in his trousers. He was hard! He undid his zip and produced his cock. He was uncut (they all seem to be) I said I like to suck it but he said he wasn’t into blow jobs. Not put off I then undid by jeans and dropped them to reveal my wifes white thong. I got my semi–erect (cut) cock out and apologised for not having a proper stiffy. The guy obviously loved what he saw as he asked me to turn around and began to feel my bum. I turned back and pulled my cock outside the thong and began to wank. Hey presto I started to get into a decent hard on. The bloke couldn’t take his eyes of it. I turned around and let him feel my arse again. When I turned back he was wanking furiously and by the look on his face I could tell he was soon about to come so put my hand under his cock. Again I asked if I could catch it (to well mannered that’s what I am,) and sure enough he was soon unloading his spunk into the palm of my hand. When he finished I lent over and squeezed the last remaining drops out of his cock. Didn’t ask permission to drink this time. I just slurped it into my mouth and walked back to the car. I sat in the car still with a mouthful of cum. I slowly let it dribble down my throat, savouring every last drop. While sitting there another car arrived and a man got out and gave me the look. (I’ve learnt to recognize it.) I thought should I stay and see if I can get another cock to suck. Professionalism took over and not wanting to be late for my meeting I left.

My meeting ended earlier than expected. “Should I or should I?” Was the question I asked myself as I drove back up A3. Auto-pilot soon had me parking up again, mid-afternoon in the car park.

This time it was empty so I decided to have a walk around to get to know the woods better for future reference. On the way I did pass a couple of single men who made a point of not looking in my direction. They obviously didn’t fancy it with me. (Tough business is cottaging.) I then took myself across the road from the car park into a darker part of the woods. I ‘d seen a lot of men disappearing into this area and wanted to see where they might have gone. It WAS dark and the deepening grey rain filled sky didn’t help. I decided maybe that was it for the day and made my way back to the car park. As I crossed the road a man got out his car and walked towards the road to go across into the woods. As he passed me he gave me ‘the look’. Hello I thought I might be in luck here. I turned and followed, a bit too hasty in fact, as I nearly got run over by a beeping car. I followed the man for about fifty yards and until he stopped. He then stepped off the path and in towards a thicket. Not sure if he was up for it with me I walked on around the thicket to approach it from the other side. Sure enough there he was waiting for me with his cock out, or shall I call it a beast. His cock was like those ones you see in porn films. It was enormous. He was waiving it and wanking it like a baseball bat. This bloke appeared to have ‘attitude’ but not bothered by that I followed him as he made his way into an enclosed set of bushes. I had not intention of getting mine out. Didn’t see the point. This guy wanted his cock sucked and that was that.

Even without a hard on I felt myself having a slight orgasm at the sight of this monster that was only few inches from my face. I started slowly first rimming the helmet then running the tip of my tongue down the fat stem. I then put it in my mouth. I struggled to get it in my gob as it was so large. (And I’ve got a big mouth.) I sucked and sucked, rimmed and licked and forced as much of his dick in my mouth as I could. The man kept stopping me and taking his cock away telling me to take it slowly. He was a bit grumpy and I felt, he was treating me as a bit of a sex slave. I have to admit I liked it. I then went to deep throat it as much as I could. Slowly I managed to get maybe just under two thirds of his cock in my mouth. The man then got hold of my head and began to force more of his prick down my throat. It was uncomfortable but I was enjoying it. I then tasted the salty taste of cum. I started to think if this goes off in my mouth I might drown. Suddenly there was a crack of thunder and a sudden downpour was soon cascading down on the woods. Even though we were in sheltered part of the woods the rain managed to penetrate the forest roof. We were getting wet. The bloke suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth, muttered ‘fuck it’ and walked off to shelter under a tree. Just like that. I didn’t know what to do but thought I’d better make my way to the car but got lost and ended up walking away from the car park. I finally got to the car. I was soaked.

Fortunately there was no one at home when I got in so I could change my clothes without suspicion. Thinking of the experience such a big cock I had a wonderful wank but I have to say the roof of my mouth was a bit sore for a couple of days after. It was worth it.

I decided to give it a rest for a bit and also didn’t have any reason to visit the area.

But one morning shortly after Christmas, home and feeling very horny, I decided to have a cross dressing session, so I dressed up in the wife’s bra, knickers, stockings and suspender belt and started to have fun. Then the thought of visiting the woods came into mind and I was soon on the road to the car parks. I didn’t keep the stockings and suspenders for the visit but put on the same thong that I wore before when I got lucky.

Another disaster. The little car park was closed! The woods are being de-forested and it was full of felled timber. No fun today I thought. So for the first time I decided to visit the bigger car park to see what happened. It was full cars mostly dog walkers and no sign of lone men in cars. I decided to have a walk around the notorious part, another hill that overlooks the car park and discovered that the place was obviously busy but only at night as the floor was littered with tissue and empty condom packets. Not a soul so I thought I would go home and finish myself off but first decided to visit another car park nearby on the other side of the A3 which is known for a little bit of action.

On the way out of the car park I noticed a car had driven in by a lone male driver. He hesitated as I got in my car and then drove off towards the exit. He stopped again. I thought he was going to let me pass but he drove off again. To get to the other car park you have to go down a bypass to another roundabout and come back on yourself. I was behind the other car and noticed that he seemed to be going the same way. Sure enough I pulled in behind him in the other car park. Though the car park at that time was busy with a lot of dog walkers I parked up beside him. The dog walkers took off into the woods and we were left alone. I got out of my car to go to the boot. (Pretending to look for something.) I looked into his car and sure enough he was playing with himself. I began to rub myself through my jeans. The man then rolled down the passenger window. He now had his cock out. It was not overly large but it had a lovely big helmet. Looking around I dropped my jeans to reveal my thong. This time I had a hard on. A nice one too. I started to wank in front of him and even managed to dribble early spunk. (I don’t do pre-cum). The man got out of his car and went to the boot. He returned to the drivers seat with a Tesco bag. Out of the bag he produced a bra and a pair of panties. I went over the window and spoke. First time I’ve had a proper conversation with a fellow cottager. It would seem that we were both into the same things. The knickers belonged to his wife. I asked if could I touch them. He then requested me to rub my cock in them. I then said “I’ll come in them if you like?.” The man replied with a plain “Please” I got back into my car and proceeded to wank while the man watched. It didn’t take long for me to be spurting spunk into the panties. I surprised myself with the load. It kept on coming. I wiped the entire surplus off and returned them to the man. He gave me nicest smile and said thank you and wound his window up. I went home a happy man and so did he.

There is one thing I was short of in my cottaging experiences. That was to take a load straight into my mouth. So now knowing the form and I returned to see if I could get lucky. As the small car park is now closed there in only the big one along with the one on the other side of the main road. A few visits told to me that action was going to be difficult at both because of the lack of cover and the intensive tree felling operation. So I thought that would be that and I shouldn’t be greedy as the experiences so far had been wonderful, then last month I checked out the dogging and cottaging sites on SH and discovered their was a possibilities at another car park on the Guildford to Farnham by-pass. So I made my way down there, not expecting for anything to happen but to see what it was like and to get a lay of the land. I parked up. There seemed to be a lot of cars. I assumed that was because it was almost lunchtime as there is a little café there. I got out of the car and walked towards the café, which is down some steps. On the way I passed a lot of parked cars with lone men in them. A few ‘looks’ were exchanged but I still didn’t think anything would happen. I noticed there was a sign for the gents that pointed towards the back of the café. The need to pee was there so I decided to have one. The toilets are horrible. Not very savoury but I peed anyway. It wasn’t long before I was joined at the stalls by a tall younger east European looking guy. I did my business and zipped up and went to leave. The man looked up at with ‘the look’. I walked to the door of the loo to leave but stopped to look back and there he was looking at me and nodding towards to one of the cubicles. I said ‘No’ as I thought it was a bit tricky and walked out. Then I got my nerve back and returned to the loo. The man was coming out and saw me. He then nodded in the directions away to the side of the café. I said “Okay” and off he went, with me behind him struggling with the muddy path. He led the way until he came to a little break in the brambles and went in. Looking back I could see we were out of sight of the café. The man then turned around and undid the belt of his trousers and unzipped his flies. I did the same. Oh dear, same problem as before. All excitement and no hard-on. I didn’t worry about that as just one look down at his cock told me there was only one thing to do and that was to get sucking. His cock was the best yet. Not too big like the savage in an earlier paragraph and bigger than the other two I’d experienced. It was uncut and the helmet was just exposed above the foreskin. I took it straight down to the hilt in my mouth. This cock was getting a good deep-throating. I could feel it getting harder and longer in my mouth. I started to gag a bit but I didn’t stop. The man then held my head and started to fuck my face. It was wonderful. He wasn’t as forceful as the previous grumpy bloke. I was moaning with delight, which seemed to encourage him to grip my head a bit more. I had to stop for air and admire my work. It was a magnificent prick. I rimmed the helmet and stem licked down to his balls, which were surprisingly small for such a big cock. The guy went to touch me and saw that there was no hard-on instead he lifted by jumper and T-shirt and started to play with my nipples, squeezing them, (a pleasure I’ve only discovered recently,) but I wanted that cock back in my mouth so I went back on my knees and started to suck him off again. He once again gripped my head and this time put his hand under my chin. I started to taste spunk and knew it wouldn’t be long before he would come. I was right. He began to fuck my head with faster strokes and then let out a loud groan. The spunk pumped into my mouth. It seemed more bitter than the previous loads but was still delicious and it didn’t seem that much of it either but that maybe was because I was swallowing it as soon as I came out the end of his cock. The guy took his cock out of my mouth and squeezed the end of his cock to drain of the last few drops. I was quick enough to wipe of the excess with my finger and put it in my mouth. Waste-not-want-not. The man just stood there and looked at me. He didn’t say a word. Again all I could say was ‘thank you’ and departed the brambles. I made my way down the path back towards the café and the car park. I was so high that I didn’t even feel embarrassed by the fact that the chef and his assistant were having a smoke by the gents at the back of the café. They didn’t seem to be bothered by it either as they must be used to it by now, as a man followed by another walked passed them too on their way to where I had been pleasuring. I drove home in a sexual daze and when I got home I had a wonderful hard on and came in seconds.

What’s next? I guess it’s my turn to be pleasured. Any takers out there?