Written by Harry_22

24 Sep 2012

We met in the bar as agreed and sat chatting for a while over a couple of pints. When Dan went to the loo, I followed him and standing at the urinals, we both ever so subtly looked down at each other. I had unbuttoned my jeans so by simply changing my posture was about to show him the silky red of the knickers I wore. Checking over his shoulder, he reached into his fly and pulled forth some black lace. We sat back down and finished our drinks, but the conversation quickly turned to saucy things and it was clear that we were both getting aroused.

It was dark soon after and I was glad I remembered my torch as we walked past Dan's car in the car park and headed down the lane to the camp site.

“God I am horny,” Dan whispered breaking the silence.

“Hmmmmm” I replied, casting a quick look up and down the lane. It was empty, “me too!” Realising that I had stopped, he turned to look at me and I could gauge his excitement from his heavy breathing, “Here?” he asked quietly. I was about to respond, tell him that it was too risky when his hands were quickly at my hips, pulling my body to his.

“No kissing,” I reminded him and he giggled. With a slick movement he released my waist and slid his hand into my jeans. He cupped his hand over my semi hard cock and my balls, squeezing the silky material around me. I let out a slow breath. The sound of a car starting interrupted the moment, like lightning we stood apart and resumed our short walk. A few minutes later we stepped over the stile and were about 20 metres from my tent. When I left there was no other tents in the field, now there were a couple more, but they were still a good distance away.

I could see Dan notice this as well, but I reminded him all the same, “No noise!”

“No problem,” he whispered back. He patted his jacket down, checking his pockets as I zipped the tent closed, and then he knelt down beside me as I flicked off the torch. In the pitch dark my heart began to pick up pace again. I heard the noise of Dan removing his clothes and then started to do the same myself. It felt hot straight away so I rose and opened the tent, leaving the fly net in place. The cooler air breezed over my stockinged legs and brought relief under my camisole top, which was in danger of getting a little clammy. The darkness meant that Dan would not get to visually enjoy my lingerie, but his roaming hand told me that he would soon compensate. As I walked back on the air mattress on my knees, his hand brushed over my thigh and then returned straight away to rub over the nylon stockings. He did this until I reached down to guide his hand to find my suspender belt and while he rubbed my stocking tops I lay down so that I could easily reach his body.

I went straight for his top wondering what he was wearing and by touch I traced my finger tips around a lacy bra. I quietly groaned out my approval, playing my hands over the loose material that made up the small cups, pinching to find his nipples as I did. By way of a response he slid his hand over my silky top and I gasped as he plucked on my nipples sending shivers through my body. Those shivers soon arrived at my cock and I felt it push against the knickers. Thinking about cock, I instinctively moved my hand to his knickers.

Part of me was disappointed that he was not raging hard like I was, but I was soon distracted by the size of the handful I now had. Without hesitating I shoved my hand into the lacy undies and used my fingers to pull his soft cock away from his balls. It felt heavy in my hand and fairly long, I left it in order to cup his balls, they were equally heavy and cool in my hand. I played his cock around in my hand while Dan arched his back to get his mouth on my nipples. He nibbled through my top and I soon felt his shaft take a shape that meant I could easily stroke him up and down. He moved and I followed suit, we shuffled our bodies nearer so that our cocks rubbed on each other.

He took me in hand, rubbing me through my knickers. Awkwardly he got his other hand over the top of me and he clamped it onto my bum. I gasped, feeling the need in me rising. I got up and moved to get between his legs. Dan obliged by parting them and without the aid of sight, I lowered my head. His cock tip hit my cheek first so I adjusted course and moved to let it enter my mouth. Despite how it felt in my hand, it fitted easily into my mouth, though it was pretty thick. I was pleased that I managed to get it all in, feeling his pubes touching my face. It was my turn to move my hands round him now and I clasped both my hands onto his lacy bum cheeks. He rolled his legs high helping to push it into my mouth (I was soon in a fine rhythm and he was fucking my face smoothly). It also gave me the chance to lift his knickers off him. Not that they were in the way, but I knew that I wanted to let my tongue explore a bit further south.

Dan moaned as I let my tongue drift down over his balls and onto his perineum. I felt his arse open and felt his hands join mine on his cheeks as he spread them. I poked my tongue out and it found his hole, puckered waiting to be licked. I wet it best as I could, applying hard and soft pressure, he moved his body to compensate. He wanted me tonguing him and I loved that I was pleasing him so. I snaked my arm up and managed to close it on his cock, the top half at least as I got round his leg somehow. He was moaning now, not loudly I was sure, but the sound seemed amplified in the pitch dark scene. He let go of his bum now and it was difficult to keep my attention on his hot ring.

I felt pulling on my hair, Dan was encouraging me upwards and as I shifted, he pulled me to lie in front of him. Spooning, he ground his hard cock in to my cheeks and wriggled back onto him. His hands found my cock and he pulled me free from the knicks and wanked me.

“Fuck me, Harry” he whispered, squeezing my cock. I did not need asking twice and I fumbled for the pocket on the inside wall of the tent, retrieving a condom and the small tube of lube. I rolled on my the rubber and then got between his legs again, rubbing cool jelly onto my cock as I did. Dan lifted his legs and I put my hands under his knees. This let me take my weight there and also rolled him high allowing me to line up (albeit after a couple of goes) to take his arse hole. It was hard going to enter him slowly in this position, but I wanted to make his groan last as I sank into him. I have a slim cock, but he was tight enough to let me feel every inch twitch its way into him. I fucked slowly in and out of him in silence. The only noise was the occasional gasp from Dan and then a more obvious slapping sound as he took his cock in hand. It felt great to be in him like this, but I wanted his cock back in my mouth the minute I knew it was needing attention.

“Is it ready?” I asked in mid push in.

“uhuh,” was all he managed back

“I want your come!” I told him.


“Mmmm,” it was my turn to be short of words, dirty images running through my mind! I slipped out of him and he fell flat on the mattress once more. I conjured instantly the view of his fat prick standing proud and knew how easy it would be for me to lube up and jump on him. I could hear him still 'thwacking' it and moved my hand to take his place. Straight away he moaned and I opened my mouth to welcome him back in. There was a new stickiness to his nob and the taste was great, I licked around his helmet and wanked his shaft and before I knew it his gasping breath and tensed body announced his come hitting my lips mid kiss of his tip. I pursed my lips around him in no time and took a juicy come load. I sucked on his cock head feeling more and more and when I knew there was no more to follow, I swallowed him down. Panting with excitement, I straddled him, pulling off my condom as I did.

I was only a few tugs away from coming myself and I felt a nice big load spray out and over him – or at least I guessed so, acutely aware that I was not sure how much noise had just been made!

Dan hung around for about an hour, pretty much just catching his breath I think. He was meant to be staying, but like a lot of us when the moment has gone, it has gone and so he headed back to get his car, adamant that he did not need a torch!