Written by Terry

30 Sep 2009

That guys story about out running brought back memories for me,like him gay sex had,nt crossed my mind,even though I liked to go out running wearing

them rather short shorts,on a hot day thats all I would wear.I would run miles on country roads near where I lived,not a lot of traffic but would get the occasional stare from guys passing in their cars,once or twice a car would stop and ask for directions,on reflection it was usually older guys.

I had a secret,there was a little wooded place completely off the beaten track,every so often I would run to there and take a rest,it was also the place I would have a wank.I suppose it started just taking my shorts off to cool down then getting a hardon and playing with myself for a while before wanking myself off.

I started to walk about with just my trainers on, wanking myself as I walked.Little did I know that I,d been sussed,I,d wandered off a bit from where I,d left my shorts.I thought I heard a noise but put it down to a branch falling or something,definitely was,nt anybody else about,but there was.

I was standing with my back to a tree looking at my cock which I was about to wank off,I heard a cough,one I,ve heard many times since.My brain and my hand stopped,I looked towards where it came from,there was a guy standing there looking at me,he was a lot older than me,I was 19 then.

He was wearing just his underpants,his hand holding his cock through it,a big smile on his face,thats nice he said looking at my cock still in my hand.My shorts I thought where are my shorts,I was completely disorientated,I had no idea what to do,I know I wanted my cock to go down but it was,nt having any of it.

Come on he said, I,ve seen you wank a few times,I,ve wanked myself off watching you.He pushed his underpants down and stepped out of them.He was a big guy with a cock to match which he started to wank,lets do it together he said,he was almost matter of fact,I,ll let you have your shorts back after we,ve had a bit of fun.He had my shorts,they were the only things I had to wear.

He stood looking at me,his legs wide apart one hand playing with his balls the other wanking what was becoming a bigger and bigger cock.My own cock had softened a little but suddenly started to harden again in my hand,come on he said you can,t be shy,as I,ve said I,ve seen that little beauty shoot.

I,ve had your shorts on one day he said while you,ve gone walkabout playing with your hardon,I was going to come off in them,they were still warm from your body,they were really sexy,I could smell your cock on them,wanked myself off on that smell.I could see he was getting himself more and more excited,his hips moving backwards and forwards as he talked about my shorts,he could also see that my cock had got rock hard,to my horror I realised I was seeping spunk,I was just about to cum when he appeared.

I did,nt want to admit to myself but watching him wank was suddenly making me want to wank myself,surely I could,nt be thinking like that.I could feel my hand move as if I had no control over it,he watched ,his tongue out moving along his lips,I was wanking myself,nice one he said.He moved closer to me,the tree was behind me I could,nt move away,he reached and touched one of my nipples then the other,it went right through my body,he was saying mmmmm,his tongue licking his lips,wanking himself faster and faster.

I was paralysed,I just stood there holding my cock,which I must admit was throbbing in my hand.My nipples hardened to his touch,he was looking straight in my face watching my reaction,I think he could tell I was actually enjoying what he was doing.Still looing in my face he traced a finger down my body,I felt his hand touch mine then push my hand off my cock,I did,nt resist.

He looked down as his hand encircled my cock and just held it,I could feel the throbbing increase as he squeesed gently on it.He looked into my face then back down to my cock as he started a slow and gentle wank.I have no idea who was breathing deepest him or me.He increased his hand speed,I suppose he could tell I was enjoying it.He took my hand and put my fingers around his cock,it was big,it was hard and it was hot.He moved my hand down onto his balls and rubbed them hard with my hand as a deep moaning came from him.

I could feel my own hips respond to his hand,just like when I wanked myself off.He let go of my cock and my hand came off his as he sank to his knees,I looked down and watched him as he took my cock in his mouth,his hands gripped tightly on my arse cheeks.My hips really started to move as I felt his tongue roll all over my cock,his head moving in all directions eating me.

One hand came off my arse and even though I could,nt see it he was wanking himself big style.It was as if my whole body was tearing apart as I started to cum,I did,nt feel his teeth on my cock,I was sore for two days afterwards,he swallowed every drop of my spunk,his own spunk was all over the leaves on the ground.I lay back against the tree,my cock still hard in his mouth even though I,d emptied his tongue continued to caress it.

He stood up and moved his hands up and down my body,I could see his cock had gone down,mine was still hard and I still enjoyed his hand feeling it.I,ll get your shorts he said,I watched him replace his underpants.When he returned he was fully dressed,let me help you he said as he held my shorts for me to step into,as he pulled them up he kissed my cock before tucking it inside them.I sat down by the tree and watched him head off through what I thought was my private place.We both knew we would meet again.