Written by Evan Gill

3 Dec 2010

You have no idea when it starts,all you know is that you have a guilty secret,as a man you're not supposed to take an interest in what other men have between their legs,yet from a relatively young age I could'nt stop myself from taking a sly look when ever the opportunity arose.

At some point I even began to find places where I could see other men naked without arousing suspicion,changing rooms at the local baths,I even joined a gym just to use the showers and of course the need to be naked myself where other men could see me had become important,I honestly did'nt know that there might be others like me.

I discovered gloryholes and cottaging by complete accident.I happened to want to use the loo and stopped in a layby just out of a town I was visiting,I was 19 and constantly needing to wank,I'd never actually had sex with somebody else,it had'nt even occurred to me to have sex with another man.

I was standing at the urinal having a pee,looking at graphiti on the wall in front of me,there was one of a cock being sucked which for some reason started my own cock to rise even while I was peeing.I thought I was alone in the loo and when I'd finished peeing I stood there playing with myself.

I heard a cough behind me which made me jump,I turned around and the door to one of the two cubicles was wide open,there was a chap standing there completely naked wanking himself.At first I could'nt believe my eyes,I had never actually seen another man with an erection,I'd often imagined what other mens erections might look like,yet seeing my first one like that I just stood there and looked at it.

It was only a matter of a couple of steps from the cubicle to the urinal,he assumed I was wanting him to wank me because I was still standing there holding my own erection in full view,he took that couple of steps and I made no attempt to stop him when he reached for my cock and started to wank me,wanking himself at the same time.

We were interupted by footsteps coming towards the door,he shot back into the cubicle,without thinking I headed for the other one.I did'nt have time to put my cock away and the chap who came in the door could'nt avoid seeing it,I pushed the door closed and stood there shaking,what would he be thinking,I was completely new to it all.

At first I did'nt even notice the hole in the wall between the cubicles,it was'nt just a hole there were a couple of bricks missing,I could see his naked thighs,I'm trying to work out what to do,I could see him moving around,I realised he'd opened the door again and within seconds he was entertaining company.

I could'nt take my eyes off the hole,I could see the movement of two sets of legs,then I could see that the newcomer was undressing as I saw his trousers and underpants being pushed down and off,giving me a full view of his bottom and a glimpse of his balls from behind as he moved his legs.

I could'nt believe the effect it was having on me,I don't think I'd ever known my cock to feel like it did right then,I was'nt sure what I wanted to do with it,I'd never felt such wild sexual urges,I did'nt realise it at the time but seeing his exposed bottom started something new in me.

I knew they were both naked now,I could see they were pressed together,front to front.I pushed my own trousers and underpants down to my ankles and sat on the loo,I saw all I wanted to see,they were holding each others bottoms as they rubbed their cocks hard together,it was probably the first time ever I needed to slow down wanking myself,it would have been so easy to come off but I did'nt want to,I wanted to see what they were going to do to each other.

Effortlessly one slipped down the others body and holding his balls in one hand he wanked his cock with the other and then still holding it in his hand started to lick the swollen head which was already oozing precum,I realised as he was doing it he was watching me wanking myself.

Into his mouth it went and his head moved up and down as he sucked on it.Without stopping his sucking his arm came through the hole his fingers making a wanking movement,I instinctively knew he wanted to wank mine at the same time,I realised I was shaking from head to toe,I leaned forward and pushed my trousers and underpants off,it was as if I was'nt in control of what I was doing anymore.

I even went further I removed my top,I was naked as well now,this was the best being naked I'd ever known.My legs just about managed to support me as I stood up and moved to meet his still waiting hand,he immediately started to wank me,again......this was it,this was the most fantastic moment I'd ever experienced.

I knew the door of the cubicle was being opened,it did'nt have a lock,but made no attempt to stop it,I could hear his breathing and felt his fingers on my bottom,then moving between my legs to find my balls,I instinctively opened them wider apart.I could see him undo his trousers and push them down.

He pushed his shirt up above his nipples,he did'nt have a full erection but he was working on it,very successfully as it happens.There was a change of position next door and a new hand was wanking me.He was behind me his hands around me playing with my nipples,they responded by hardening in his fingers,his now fully erect cock was nestled between the cheeks of my bottom,deep,urgent,throbbing.

He brought one of his hands back and started to push the head of his cock into my arsehole,the first time anybody spoke,no I said,I can't,he stopped trying to put it into me and started to pump up and down between my cheeks,getting more and more animated.He came off quicker than I was expecting,I felt the heat and wetness of his spunk as he unloaded all over my bottom,I felt it drip onto the back of my legs,once emptied he pulled his trousers up and was gone leaving the door wide open.

He was immediately replaced by another who started to rub the spunk into my bottom.......to be continued.