Written by Evan Gill

6 Dec 2010

I had gone from being a virgin to being a slut in a very short period of time,I thought I at the height of sexual excitement,I was'nt.As the hand from next door was still wanking me I watched as the chap who had just come in the cubicle undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor,he pushed his briefs to his ankles,his cock was already rock hard.

It was my first experience of poppers,as he rubbed his cock against my bottom he reached around and put the little bottle to my nose,I'd heard of poppers but had never sniffed it,I did'nt need persuading,I sniffed deeply.

The effect on my whole body was like what an out of body sensation would be like,I was'nt in control of my actions.I grabbed the hand that was wanking me and tightened its grip on my cock and wanked myself like never before pushing my body forward to the gap in the wall.Suddenly there were two hands doing things to my cock and my balls then I knew my cock was being sucked for the first time ever.

I was'nt even aware of him undressing but he was already naked in the cubicle with me,I was'nt even sure of what he was doing to me, he was all over me,probing and feeling every part of my body,I was aware though that he was trying without success to shag me,I was aware that my cock was being sucked and I was aware that I was loving everything that was happening.

He pulled me away from the hole,he wanted my cock,he was on his knees in seconds sucking on it hard and fast,holding my balls in a tight grip with one hand his other wanking his own cock,he was litterally eating my cock.

The cubicle door was half opened a chap came to it and watched us his cock in his hand wanking himself,he emptied himself all over the floor in a matter of minutes and left.He got off his knees and sat on the loo pulling me backwards onto his lap,his cock coming up between my legs,he gripped both our cocks and started to wank them both.

The door was pushed wide open,there were two chaps at the urinal casually wanking each other as they watched us,one of them brought the other off in a matter of minutes,then he came in the cubicle and stood in front of us and wanked himself off onto us.

He eventually wanked himself off and left me there naked to be used and abused by a succession of men,each of them wanting to do something different to me,being a slut was and still is 2 years down the line something I love.