Written by Brian

18 Jun 2009

I spend time away from home for my job,I usually try to have some casual mm sex.In Wales last week I found a gents with glory holes,waited in a cubicle just wearing my briefs,small and white works for me every time.

Did,nt have to wait too long,a chap came in the one next door looked through the hole,which was large enough to get your cock or hand through.I had my cock out the leg of my briefs giving myself a tug.

He faced the hole and dropped his pants,I was glad to see he was wearing briefs as well,I can,t stand boxers.He lifted his teeshirt up and felt his cock through his briefs,it looked a cracking size.

He pushed his briefs down and started wanking himself,I put my hand through and took over getting him rock hard.He let me wank him for a couple of minutes then pulled away.

He put his face to the hole and said,I live close by do you fancy coming back to my place.I thought about it for a fraction of a second and said yes.Are you driving he asked,yes I said,mines the green corsa down the road get dressed and follow me.

I followed him to some terraced houses,he parked up I drove on a little and parked.I watched him go in his house and followed.I,m Tom he said,Brian I lied.He indicated to the front room I went in,cup of tea? yes I replied,he went in the kitchen.

The blinds were drawn but the room was bright,suddenly a mans voice from the top of the stairs said you,re back quickly,somebody was coming down the stairs,I,ll have a cuppa the voice said.

I thought fucking hell.He walked in the room I just looked at him,he was bollock naked,he did,nt bat an eyelid,hiya he said offering me his hand,I shook it.Carl he said,Brian I replied.

Tom joined us with the tea,Brian kissed him on the lips,I noticed his cock was beginning to rise Tom noticed and slapped it gently laughing.That slap just encouraged it he was quickly rock hard.

My cock was pushing itself up inside my briefs,Tom took Carls cock in his hand as he drank his tea and started to wank him.Come on you two Carl said get your fucking gear off I need to play with cock,I,ve had a fucking hard on for two hours,I was going to wank myself off.

Tom undressed he cock was solid,I stripped mine off,Carl immediately grabbed both our cocks and started to wank us,he offered me his it was bigger than both Toms or mine,it was a lovely wank.

Who,s for sucking Tom said,lets share it Carl said.They both got on their knees wanking each others cocks,Tom took my cock in his mouth and started mouth fucking me.Carl took my cock from his mouth and started sucking on it,after a minute or so Tom took it back and mouth fucked me again.

I nearly fucking came off,I grabbed my cock from them,they understood.They stood up our turn Tom said suck us,I got on my knees and took both their cocks in my hand,Toms fitted nicely in my mouth Carls felt huge as I mouthed them in turn.When a cock was,nt in my mouth the other wanked it.

I need to fuck Tom said,you OK for fucking he said to me,lubricant and condom I,d like that I said but I,m not taking that one indicating Carls,the story of my fucking life he said laughing.Tom fetched lubricant and condoms.