Written by Barry O.

11 Aug 2009

I,m retired in my 60s and single nowadays.I like to travel around a bit.On one of the hot days a couple of weeks ago I was sitting having a smoke at a near deserted piece of beach in Cumbria.I was wearing my just my shorts,I,ve had them for years from when shorts were shorts.At first I did,nt even notice the toilet block a bit further on,it was only when a young chap,in his 20s I would say,walked by and looked at me that I wondered where he had appeared from.He was wearing just a pair of football shorts and them sandals you stick your toes in.

To be honest at first I was,nt that interested until he walked back past me,he looked at me and smiled.I watched him go back in the toilets.I,m old enough to know sex happens in toilets but its not my scene.However he came back out and walked past me again and this time said hello,he was a good looking lad and I must admit I looked at the front of his shorts.He returned to the toilets and as he did he definitely looked at the front of my shorts.

There was,nt a soul about and I was suddenly aware that my cock was coming alive,not a full hardon but making me aware that it still had a life of its own,usually I just wank myself off.I,ve no idea why but I walked to the toilets,at first I could,nt see a damn thing,he was nowhwere to be seen.There was a row of cubicles,the door to one was closed,I stood at the urinal and took my cock out,it was definitely hardening,I gave it a couple of rubs as my eyes adjusted.The old saying!a standing cock etc!.

I went in the cubicle next to the closed one,I can,t remember the last time I used one of them,there was a huge hole in the partition,I could already see bare flesh.I have,nt a clue what came over me,I dropped my shorts but kept my briefs on,I was shaking like a leaf,I sat on the loo.He had nothing on,he was sitting with his legs wide apart his young cock standing straight up his fingers moving slowly up and down it.

My cock got harder in my briefs,he could see it.His arm came through his hand going straight to my cock feeling it through the thin material,fucking hell,it was the most fantastic feeling,I had,nt had a hand on my cock for ages.He tugged at the waistband,I pushed them down and off.I felt my cock get rock hard in his fingers,his hand was really soft as it moved up and down,now my legs were wide apart.He found my balls and fondled them,it was something else.

I was,nt sure if I should be doing anything so I just let him wank me.He took his arm back,he was layed back on the loo his arms by his side,his cock was moving of its own accord.I,m not fucking stupid I knew what I had to do,his cock jerked as my fingers touched it,I got hold of it,the first time I,d ever touched another mans cock,wow! the heat and the throbbing as I closed my fingers tightly around it,suddenly it did,nt matter if it,s another mans cock or your own,wanking comes naturally.

I was suddenly aware of the absence of hair as my fingers touched against his smooth pubic region.My hand took on a life of its own,my fingers wanting to explore everything,his balls were hairless smooth and hot,I managed to reach his bellybutton and his nipples,every bit of his skin smooth and silky.I could hear him moaning as as he moved his body to let my fingers touch everything.He stood up and turned around slowly letting me feel his beautiful shaped bottom,solid muscular cheeks.

He spread his legs apart,my fingers found their way between them finding his balls from a new angle and then his throbbing cock again,the cheeks of his bottom now making a noise as they banged against the partition.He did an about turn and his cock and balls were in my cubicls,what a beautiful fucking sight.I instinctivley knew I wanted to suck it,I knew it was all mine to do what I wanted with.

Even though I had,nt touched my own cock for some time now it was so hard it almost hurt,I knew I was precumming like fuck,I could feel it run down the shaft,probably some spunk as well.I held his balls in one hand and wanked him with the other,he pushed ever harder towards me.I got on my knees,he was precumming too,I touched the head with my tongue,it fucking jerked.I captured it in my mouth and it jerked even harder.Everything came naturally,I tongued and sucked it.

I had to get a tight grip on my own cock the fucker was wanting to come off.It did,nt occur to me that I was just about to suck off another mans cock for the first time,I was,nt even aware of him banging against the partition as he fucked my mouth,I just held onto his balls as I sucked hard and furious.His cock stopped thruting and started jerking,I felt it swell even bigger.My mouth was suddenly filling with spunk,hot and creamy.

If you,d asked me could I swallow spunk,I,d have thought you were bonkers,but I was swallowing it and loving every drop.I grabbed my own cock a bit too late,well not really,I did,nt need to wank it,I just held it tight as it exploded.There was no more coming from his but I kept sucking on it until my own stopped.Even at that age the strength quickly goes after cumming,it was already at half mast as he withdrew back through the hole.

I sat back on the loo still gently wanking on my own cock as I watched him replace his undies and shorts.His face came to the hole and said thanks,that was nice,then he was gone.I squeesed the last of my spunk from my cock and tasted it,I smiled to myself.