Written by stephen

9 Jan 2010

just found this great site really horny stories here is mine.......

Im 24 not long left uni in october i joined a firm in london I had to work long hours so didn't have much time for a social life or a girlfriend but i got on well with my boss Ian going for drinks dinner a couple of parties Ian's 44 married with kids.

one thursday evening I got a text from ian saying did i want to play squash so Friday i brought my kit in that night we went to his club in Fulham really swish posh place

we went down to the changing rooms taking of our suits i felt shy using a towel Ian didn't he was very natural stripping off i looked the other way when he took off his boxers but i looked up ian was fit muscly very hairy his cock was long thick veiny circumcised i couldn't avert my eyes fascinated i never seen a circumcised cock close up 'im Jewish he said smiling

i took off my pants my towel slipped revealing my cock 'i can see your not!' i quickly pulled on my shorts embarrassed

we played a hard game of squash but youth overcame experience we shook hands then Ian hugged me congratulated me it was just to long and i was beginning to suspected his motives i smelled his acrid sweat ' you fancy a drink then a sauna?' intense

i said i had to get back to my flat in battersea but Ian waved away my excuses and wouldn't hear off it as we were going to have dinner together so i reluctantly agreed he bought a couple of double G and t's and we went down to the sauna collecting some towels we went in

again we stripped his t shirt got stuck on his back and he asked me to pull it up i did inadvertently my naked body touched his i felt the intensity he turned round never been this close to a man he thanked me touching my arm then handed me my towel which we put round our waists

another guy was in the sauna Ian knew him and chatted to him i drank my g and t relived he was there but after 5 minutes he left

Ian got up poured water on the stones steam came up then he sat down very close to me i felt his hand on my thigh running up to my cock i blurted out 'im not gay' 'I know your not give it a chance first time for everything wanted you since your interview' he said 'think your cock knows what you want' he pulled off my towel my cock was hard he held my cock tight making my head bulge then he wanked me slowly his other hand stroked my chest 'what if somone comes in?' 'relax' he said the clubs quiet relax enjoy it'

in my desperation i said 'what about you wife family??' 'she knows i like men long as i dont throw it in her face she understands i love her but need sex with guys want you as my lover'

i felt very passive out of control he the put his arm round me i felt his lips on my neck he wanked me faster it was delicious i moaned in pleasure he then lent over and kissed me i felt his stubble his tongue pushed into my mouth felt hot he kissed me harder demanding found myself responding to his desire once i did he knew he could do what he wanted he took off his towel his cock was hard slightly longer but much thicker than mine the head swollen ' wank me Stephen he said breathlessly 'i cant ian' 'come on ' taking my hand he placed it on his cock closed my fingers round felt hot and smooth then took my wrist eased it up and down then i wanked him he kissed me again wanking each other it was a wonderful feeling

i could feel myself cumming he tightened his grip then kissed down my chest biting my nipples hard making me cry out kissing down to my cock felt his tongue on my cock then his mouth hot his teeth sharp i moaned cumming cumming he moved up and down fast sucking my head it was extacsy i was falling under his spell

once my orgasm had past he kissed up my body then my lips i tasted my cum when he put his tongue in my mouth 'you liked that??' 'yes it was great' he then stood up his cock bolt upright but bent right in front of my face i could smell his precum it shined on his glands i know he wanted i didn't disappoint without out his prompting i open my mouth took his cock into my mouth tasting him his circumcised glands were rough not smooth

he put his hand round my head pulling me on to his erection gagging my throat i then sucked him enjoying it enjoying his pleasure flicking my tongue over his head round his tiny hole he moaned loudly tensing felt his head expand then he grabbed my hair held it fucked my mouth 30 seconds later he came warm silky sticky spurts 4 of them then i felt his body go limp and he collapsed on the bench this time i kissed him sticky cum lips while feeling his hairy body his hard arms muscular chest tbc