30 Nov 2013

I'm retired now,because of my church commitments I have remained celibate.I've had moments of weakness,resorting to masturbation albeit knowing that with patience ejaculation would eventually occur naturally in my sleep.

For the year or so before my retirement I allowed myself to dabble in sex sites on my PC,I admit I soon became reliant on them to achieve sexual gratification invariably followed by severe guilt,I put my weakness down to boredom following a reorganisation which left me with a great deal on time on my hands.

This site I very recently stumbled on after coming across the term "swinging" on another site,I've read stories going back ages but would never have thought I'd do what I'm doing now,submitting my own story,I don't know if I feel good or very bad at where I've allowed myself to wander from my previous lilfe.

Until just over three months ago I had never been involved sexually with another person. I live now in a small house near Northampton,its situated in a little cul de sac.Overall I like to keep myself to myself these days.Under normal circumstances,though I'm not sure what normal is anymore,I would not admit that from the sites I've been accessing I found I was developing a fetish about undies,though I liked nakedness I was seeking more and more men in sexy undies,it was so new to me to take on board that there were men who delighted in wearing female undies.

Paul my young next door neighbour,he tells me he's 22,has brought new neaning to my life,we had nodded to each other over the fence that separates our small gardens,as he works full time I didn't see him a lot.

Good morning he said one morning and we had our first conversation,the weather of course.He was hanging out his washing,I kept my eyes off his clothing,there were 15 or 16 pairs of his undies,he didn't know it of course but I had already many times fantasised about wearing a pair of his undies,they are so flimsy and sexy,barely sufficient to cover his athletic young body.

I hope it dose'nt rain he said I'm taking a bit of a chance hanging these out,I've just come back from holidays and I'm down to my last pair,theres a little wicker gate between our gardens,I don't think its ever been used.

I still can't believe I did it but I said if he wanted me to I would take them in should the weather change,I think I was already hoping it would rain. For the next several hours I watched his undies blowing gently in the wind,I found myself becoming sexually aroused on a few occasions.I watched it cloud over,I began to actually tremble,I didn't have the discipline to stop myself getting an erection and contemplating masturbation.

After only a few drops I managed to get the wicker gate open,he had left his basket on the back porch.Magazines on the little table in the porch drew my attention,on the cover of one there was two young men embracing,they were naked from the waist up,I know I shouldn't have but again my weakness.

The nakedness that greeted me inside the covers left nothing to the imagination,page after page of young naked men all enjoying sex in one form or another,there was three magazines,one was of particular interest,young men wearing sexy female undies as another naked young man made love to them,I found myself lowering my pants and briefs and masturbating,wanting to but also not wanting to have a full ejaculation,I resisted.

I hoped I'd put things back as they were,it had started to rain and his undies were already getting damp,I shook uncontrollably as I removed them from the washing line. once inside my own house I went through his undies one by one,I stripped naked and touched myself with each item,the temptation to put a pair on was unbelievable but I was already leaking copious precum,I daren't risk it.

I saw him arrive home I had folded his undies ready for him,it was best part of two hours when I heard him knock on my door,I knew it would be him,I picked up his clothing and took them to the door.

In his hand he had a bottle of red wine,I said he didn't need to have done that and felt I should invite him to join me for a drink,he did willingly,I didn't know it then but my life was about to be changed for ever,I didn't know that my little adventure with his gay magazines and my sordid weakness in standing at the back of his home half naked masturbating had all been recorded on a device he'd set up to watch wild life that frequent his garden and back porch,he had recorded the kind of wild life behaviour he didn't expect.

As we sat getting to know each other sharing a glass of wine he occasionally passed little cryptic remarks of a veiled sexual nature,he casually picked up a pair of his undies and put them against his lips,they've dried nicely he said,which I'm glad about,I've just had a shower and I've not got any on at the moment,I never wear anything in the house he said,sometimes I'll even go out into my back porch naked and sit there reading a magazine.

We had another glass of wine,I didn't know about him but I am not a drinker and quickly felt myself becoming light headed,I was enjoying his conversation,he was saying that on holidays he spent a great lot of time on a secluded nudist beach,he wasn't mentioning girls,he was describing in some detail the bodies of other men who used the place.

As he poured the last of the wine my inhibitions were crumbling,did I mention that I have got a little coloured camera watching the wildlife in my garden,just a hobby,I love all wildlife,its surprising what I can see happens on my back porch,take today for instance,I saw this chap pick up my washing basket,I could feel myself wanting to die,he was laughing,he continued to touch his lips with his undies.

We were just looking at each other,he took a sip of his wine put the glass on the table followed by his undies.He stood up,all conversation had stopped,I watched completely mesmerised as he lifted his teeshirt over his head and off,my mind had gone into orbit,I was petrified,what had I done.

He undid his belt,now I slurped my wine,he slowly lowered his flies,he took his hands away and simply let his pants drop to the floor,no undies,he stepped out of his pants,he didn't have a full erection but that beautiful beast between his shaved smooth legs,was visibly throbbing as it lifted itself higher and higher,all body hair had been removed,he was a god.

I need to take a break now and decide if revealing further details is an honest thing to do,I want to put it all in full detail down in writing but there is still a lot of my old self looking over my shoulder.