Written by Badger

12 Feb 2011

The Journey – Part 2

It was four weeks before I contacted Brian again. The guilt and disgust prevented it at the beginning, but as the days past, these feelings gave way to lust and fantasies, until I could contain myself no longer, and rang him. The night was almost a repeat of the first time. Brian was a gent, and I sucked him off, letting him come over my face. And again, in his dominating but caring way, he sent me home with a reminder of the night dried to my skin.

I saw Brian a further 5 times over the next few weeks, the interval between feeling bad by my behaviour and a desire to have him cum on me quickly reducing.

The sixth time I saw him, I remember the revelation I had, as his cock slid sensuously between my lips. Each time I had sucked Brian after the first time, I had taken my time, enjoying the moment, savouring his cock in my mouth, this time I suddenly realised I really enjoyed it. And it was a revelation, because it meant I didn’t need to feel bad afterwards, about doing it. His cock tasted and felt wonderful in my mouth, and I was turned on sucking it. Well in that moment of enlightenment, I made another decision, almost a statement to mark the event. As I sucked on his cock, and felt the tell tale signs of his imminent pleasure, the twitching and tightening of his buttocks, I grabbed his arse with both my hands and pulled his cock into my mouth.

He exploded in hot fast fiery jets of come. I was overwhelmed by the amount of thick spunk filling my mouth. I desperately tried to maintain my grip on his cock with my lips, but as my mouth filled to capacity, I coughed, and a huge load of spunk escaped down my chin and onto Brian’s floor. Even with this release, I couldn’t believe how much he had come.

I looked up at Brian, and met his gaze. And for once he looked disappointed.

“It’s no more than usual” he remarked, as if he knew what I was thinking.

“It’s just you tried to hold it all in your mouth, with my cock! It has to go somewhere!”

I smiled and let the rest of the come that was still in my mouth run out from the side of my lips. I felt it trickle down my chin, and drop onto my naked thighs.

“You have made a mess”, Brian chided.

I was sent home that night, without being allowed to wank. I remember the drive home, and how livid I was. Who was he to use me like that, for his own pleasure, and not let me have mine? Who did he think he was? Making a mess, so I was punished. Bastard! It was on that drive home I vowed never to see the ungrateful sod aging.

That lasted one day.

I rang him the next day, and he invited me over. Things progressed as normal. He drank wine, and whilst on my knees at the foot of his chair, I slowly and gently sucked his beautiful cock. I realise now, looking back, that Brian’s punishment had worked. I wanted his cock so badly after being denied my own orgasm the night before, I relished it as I held it in my mouth. That alone should of made me realise the hold he had over me, that my desire to have his cock in my mouth bent me to his will, but I was too wrapped up in the moment to give it a second thought. And when he came, it was too late for me. I swallowed each spurt as it struck the back of my throat, determined not to let any build up in my mouth, frightened that some may escape. As I greedily swallowed spurt after spurt of his seed, my fate was sealed and Brian knew it. I wasn’t drinking his come because it tasted nice, but because I didn’t want to disappoint him.

My head was swimming with emotion; lust, guilt, desire, disgusgt.

“Lay down” Brian commanded, and I obiediently adopted the position I normaly did when Brian watched me wank.

Only this time he knelt down beside me, and reached out and grasped my throbbing twitching cock with his hand.

“Well done” he whispered, as he began to wank me off for the first time. As my own orgasm began to build, for the first time I noticed the strange new tastes in my mouth, and the new feelings surging through me as someone else controlled my cock. But before I could make sense of it all, it was over. I shot my load in four powerful jets all over my chest.

As I lay there, exhausted in post orgasmic bliss, Brian scooped up a large blob of my come, and let it run from his fingers over my face. I resisted the urge to reach up to my own face, and maybe guide it into my mouth, aware that if Brian had wanted me to eat it, he would have told me to open my mouth before he released it.

“Can’t have you driving home without a sticky reminder on your face, can we?” .....