Written by Keiron

20 Jan 2011

I knew there was something going on but was'nt sure what it was.I was a complete innocent when I walked in the toilets for a wee.The two chaps standing at the urinal seemed to quickly move apart as I walked in,I honestly did'nt have a clue,as I said I was young and innocent.

They were still standing there when I'd finished and left.I walked away about a hundred yards or so and for some reason watched the door of the toilets,eventually one of them came out and went to a parked car and drove off.Again I have no idea why but I walked back and went back in,the other chap was still standing at the urinal,he obviously recognised me from earlier,he smiled at me as I stood at the urinal.

I did'nt really want another wee but I stood there pretending,he looked towards me and smiled again.I could'nt avoid seeing the movement of his hand,I was'nt so innocent that I had'nt wanked myself but it never occurred to me that somebody would do it in a public place.

He turned towards me and I know I just stared down at his hand which was with long slow strokes moving up and down on his fully erect cock,I'd never seen a man with an erection,suddenly I was standing within touching range of one that was being wanked,I could'nt take my eyes off it,the foreskin moved fully back over the swollen almost purple head,then forward and back forward and back.

I have no idea how long that first encounter lasted but the vision has lasted and the memory of what happened next.I was suddenly aware that I was holding my own cock in my fingers,as I said pretending to be having a wee,my cock was nowhere the size of his but it started to react to what he was doing with his.

It even reacted more when he undid his belt and opened the front of his trousers fully,I could see instantly that what he had on were'nt underpants they were girls knickers,they were just covering his groin really,his cock and his balls were all out of the leg,his cock looked even bigger when he fully exposed himself like that.

I had no idea of the danger of what was going on,I was just completely carried away by what I was experiencing,without thinking about it I found I was wanking myself,it was only when he took a step closer to me and reached down to touch my cock that I got scared.

I did'nt stop him when he moved my fingers off my cock,it was only when he took it in his fingers that I panicked,I can still feel the electric shock that went through my body,it was actually the first time my cock had been touched by a stranger,I did'nt know it then but I was hooked,I pulled away and almot ran from the toilets.