Written by Keiron

24 Jan 2011

I had'nt yet passed my driving test at that time,which restricted my opportunities to experience sex with more chaps,I'd had great sex with most of the chaps I'd met in the local toilets but I suppose needed more variety.One of the chaps I'd had sex with on a few occasions invited to me his place where he introduced me to one of his friends,a really nice chap.

It was he who took me to my first secret wood[that's what he called it],again I seemed unaware of the dangers.I knew that we were going to have sex,I did'nt have a problem with that,he was in his early 40s with a great body.There were a few other cars parked up and I wondered if we would actually find a secluded place to have sex,even as I walked along beside him into the wood I had an erection thinking about what he would fancy doing with me.

He seemed to know exactly where he was going,a few chaps out walking looked at us and said hello.We went in a little clearing,I could instantly see that it was used for sex,condoms had'nt been always taken away.He looked at me and smiled,you know why I brought you here he said,of course I do I said,my erection getting even harder.

I thought things were going to be spoiled,a chap appeared from behind some trees,probably in his 50s,you brought "her" then he said,she's a beauty,she's even nicer naked my friend said,and she's a "triple ender",I was completely lost.

I've got a raging fucking hardon already the newcomer was saying,lets get her stripped off,he was already on his knees undoing my trousers,pulling them and my underpants down,fuck me he said she's got a fucking beauty as he started to feel my erect cock.

My friend was lifting my teeshirt over my head,I had become their plaything,the newcomer had removed my shoes and socks then my trousers and undies,he started to turn me around,she's fucking gorgeous he was saying,and a "triple ender" she is,I take it you've had the pleasure of all three,several times he said,several times,that arsehole is one of the nicest you'll ever fuck,that cock is one of the sweetest little things you'll ever suck,she has a mouth to kill for and I've never known her to say no to anything,he was touching all three parts as he praised my body.

The newcomer was already stripping off,I could see sweat running down his face,he was naked in seconds,my friend was also stripping,the funny thing was once they were both naked they did'nt seem in the least threatening.They had very similar type cocks,both larger than mine,both their cocks were rock hard almost doing a little dance in anticipation of taking my body.

A certain equality came into the proceedings,I was more than willing to suck and wank both of their cocks,they both wanted to play they did'nt just want to fuck me,it was really good fun,we all three felt at ease to say when we were in danger of being wanked or sucked off,it was agreed they would spitroast me as the final sexual act of the session,during which I would be expected to wank myself off,sounded good to me.

What I did'nt expect was a couple,a man and a woman to suddenly appear on the scene,I thought surely they had unwittingly stumbled on us,but no they'd come to watch and do their own thing,at first they just stood and watched,then the woman spoke,I take it you are going to spitroast him she said,we are but not just yet my friend said,with that the woman removed the 3/4 jacket she was wearing,she was completely naked underneath,her boyfriend started to undress,he would fuck her while I was being spitroasted.