Written by David

16 Apr 2010

I'd never given a great deal of thought to my sexuality,I assumed I was like any other guys of my age,I liked to look at girls and have a wank with a porn mag.I went in a public loo one day,there was nobody else in,out of curiosity I looked in the cubicles.In one of them there was a carrier bag,again curiosity got the better of me.

I went in and shut the door and opened the bag,it contained several items of girls underwear and some porn mags,they weren't the kind I'd seen before,they were gay mags. I sat there fully clothed and thumbed through the pages,I found myself getting really turned on,I left taking the bag with me.

I'd just moved into my own flat and once I arrived home I emptied the bag onto the bed,there were knickers,bras,suspender belts and stockings,some brand new with the labels still on.I took my clothes off,my cock was as hard as I'd ever known it to be,I opened the mags at various pages where guys were wanking and sucking each other and enjoyed one of the best wanks I'd ever had.

One thing led to another,later that evening I found myself putting the underwear on,it was a bit more complicated than I would have thought but how I felt when I had it on was unbelievable,where exactly to put my cock was a bit af a problem,rock hard it wouldn't fit in the knickers,which were tiny,problem solved,fit it under the suspender belt,it wasn't hard for long,I had another brilliant wank.

That was OK for a short time,I kept looking at the mags and dressing in the undies always ending up wanking myself,deep inside I knew I wanted more.I drank some vodka and dressed in the undies,I went back to the toilets where I,d found them.One of the two cubicles was occupied,I was so nervous I was litterally shaking but the vodka helped.

I just went in and sat on the loo,no lock on the door.There was toilet paper stuck on the wall,I,d never looked through a gloryhole in my life until then,I heard a little cough from next door,how I knew I have no idea but I lifted up the toilet paper,underneath it was a hole in the very thin partition,large enough to give a full view into the next cubicle and large enough to get a cock through.

He was standing there completely naked moving his hand slowly up and down his cock covering and uncovering the swollen purple head.I let the paper fall back in place while I tried to get my head clear.The paper moved inward and fell away,his cock was in my cubicle,my head was spinning,what was I supposed to do,he was pushing it in and out,I knew what he wanted.

What the hell was I expecting to happen,I was here dressed in girls underwear,I'd seen the pictures of guys wanking and sucking each other and it was what I wanted to do,my own cock was rock hard and getting uncomfortable,I put my fingers around his cock,it jerked to my touch,he pushed it in and out of my hand,I started to wank it,yes I liked it.

I don't know if I was overdoing it but he pulled it away and his eye came to the hole blinking at me,I knew he wanted me to undress.I removed my shirt revealing my bra covered chest,I heard him say yes,yes,yes.I stood up and undid my pants slowly opening the flies exposing the suspender belt,beautiful,beautiful,I heard him say.

My knickers came away with my pants as I pushed the down,but were held in place by the stockings,I pulled them back up,I wanted him to see them covering my balls,I got out of my pants,my cock was so hard it almost hurt.

His fingers tapped on the hole,I knew he wanted my cock and I wanted him to have it.The first touch of his fingers as they closed around it was something I'll never forget,my breath stopped,I could feel explosions inside my head,I realised I was pushing my cock in and out of the hole,he was probably having difficulty holding onto it.

I slowly regained control,just in time to feel the hot wetness of his mouth as my cock went deep into it,feeling his tongue und and round it.I was gripping onto the top of the partition,I was in a world of complete sexual pleasure,I only realised there was somebody else in the cubicle with me when a hand went down inside my knickers and started to feel the cheeks of my bottom.

I responded to it without thinking,I felt my knickers being pulled down and was aware of my balls hitting against the partition,then a hand came around me and took hold of them,heaven.I felt my bra being undone and removed and my nipples being fondled,so many sensations was probably preventing me from just filling the mouth which was eating my cock.

My suspender belt and knickers were being lowered down my legs,I felt the coldness on my legs as the stockings went down,he lifted my feet one at a time and I was stripped naked.His hand came up between my legs and played with my balls,I knew he was kneeling behind me,I felt the wetness and heat on my cheeks and quickly realised he was licking me,his hand came away from my balls and I felt my cheeks being spread apart,I could feel the stubble of his chin as his face went between them then the touch of his tongue on my hole.

My whole body went into a massive spasm,I could feel my spunk come with a force I'd never before experienced,his hand came back on my balls and held them as my cock was being sucked and sucked and sucked.

I litterally can't remember getting dressed and leaving the toilets,I have no memory of the guy who was in the cubicle with me,I can vaguely remember that he was completely naked,I've tried to remember what his cock was like but can't.I can also vaguely remember two guys were wanking each other at the stalls as I left,I think they smiled at me,at the back of my mind I think the door to the cubicle might have been open while I was in there naked,I made a point of remambering every detail of my next visit.