Written by C.D.L.B.

4 Aug 2011

The tale about the guy having a sex session on his way to Thirsk struck a chord.A couple of months ago I pulled in at what must have been the same service station.Theres a lad in the toilets franticly searching through his shoulder bag,hes dressed in running type shorts and teeshirt.He tells me hes lost his wallet or somebodys nicked it and hes stuck,he said hes heading for scotland.I can't remember if I offered him a lift or not but I know he suddenly joins me as I'm about to drive off in my van,caravanette.

I'm bisexual so over the years I,ve had a bit of stranger sex with people on the road.When he got in the van beside me I thought the way he let his shorts go tight into his groin this lad is showing himself off.We got talking and after a bit he asked me if I could lend him some money to tide him over for a b&b that night,Im thinking youre taking the piss but then could see that as he's making his request hes rubbing his hand over the front of his shorts,I'm in no doubt what hes offering,I said I might consider it and right away he knew what I was saying.

I'm trying to keep my eyes on the road as he undoes his seat belt and starts to rub his fingers up and down the inside of his thighs,funny I had'nt noticed before,must be losing my touch,but his legs were hairless.Nobody is saying anything now but I'm getting a hardon and he ,he loosens the leg of his shorts and puts his hand up inside and is rubbing his cock,my own wants to burst out of my pants.

I said I'm going to have to pull off and thats when he said he knew an unused picnic place which was completely safe to have sex and still playing with his cock gives me directions.When hes satisfied I know where I'm going he pushes his shorts down and off and there sure enough were the little girls knickers,hes got the most gorgeous cock,he looks to me to show him which lever and he gets the seat to lean back,he pushes the knickers down under his balls to accentuate them and starts to wank himself,not a trace of pubic hair' as I said fucking gorgeous.

There was three cars parked up at the place so I was'nt sure,its alright he said as he just lay there wanking himself its just some guys fucking each other,they all come here for a fuck and as hes telling me he takes his teeshirt off and there was his little bra,I'm still feeling fucking nervous but my cocks hurting,I need a fucking session and I reached across for his cock.He reminds me about giving him 100 quid for a b&B,again no doubt as to what he was saying,I said we'll need to go in the back for that.

As you can't go directly from front to back in my van you need to get out,except for a tiny pair of knickers covering nothing but his balls and a little bra he gets out of the van and goes and has a look in the little toilet place,hes back out in seconds and says they are having a right fucking session in there,we could join them if you want,I said no, just you and me.

In the van he takes off the knickers and bra and goes what about the money,I get 100, quid and hands it him wondering where he was going to put it.He gets back out of the van now completely naked and goes in the front to put it in his pocket and while hes outside one of the guys is leaving the toilets and I hear them speak,I was already stripped off and looked out and there he is talking to this guy like they were old friends,the guy even takes hold of his cock and gives it a tug before getting in his car and driving away.

He gives the bit about having a great body and starts to almost professionally wank me,he knew every trick in the book,to be honest even though I was'nt short on having sex with with other guys he was making me feel like a complete beginner,he gave me a choice of how I wanted spunking,he'd wank me off,suck me off or I could fuck him,I said I wanted to fuck him and when I said I did'nt have a condom he promptly went in the toilets,bollock naked,and came back with a couple of condoms and says I'm lubed and ready and puts a condom over my cock.

He bent over and balanced on a chair and offered me his arse,fuck me as hard as you like he said.He probably had the most easy to enter arsehole,it was almost a fanny,it had been well fucked but that did'nt stop me fucking it.After I emptied all my spunk into him I asked him if he needed to spunk himself and if he wanted a hand.No he said its too soon for me I'll probably have a wank later tonight,I'll be staying around here for a while he said,I'll get my gear out of the front,he picks up his knickers and bra,gets his things out of the front and went in the toilets naked,I headed away 100 quid lighter but with a smile on my face.