Written by Harry_22

12 Jun 2014

Friday and the mrs was out for the night her pals. By nine pm she had phoned in that because they were going out further afield, she was going to stay at her pals place. I decided to hold on to this news and not tell Dean till later, leaving my options open, but mostly because I was so horny that I wanted some action as soon as he arrived, not later at a more relaxed pace.

He knew we had the place to ourselves and so he was trying his luck in the kitchen. He was clearly as horny as me and told me openly he had been looking forward to his visit since he woke up that morning. I was teasing him asking him to be specific, he started getting physical with me, pressing me against the wall and rubbing his crotch on my leg as he grabbed my crotch. He liked that I was hard too and called me a dirty cock tease, but he played along with the tease and dry humped my leg before even turning me over on the work top and pushing onto my bum. This was a new step and I figured that it meant that he was ready for more than head and hand jobs. I relaxed my body rather than the faux struggling I had given him so far letting him stand behind me grinding into me.

I wanted his cock there and then, but I fought the urge back and told him to head on up to the loft, I would follow with some fresh drinks. I was buzzing as I went up the stairs, I had put the futon into a bed and I could not wait to see what Dean’s reaction to this would be. I climbed the ladder carefully and put the drinks down on the wardrobe (still conveniently left in place where it blocked the view of the loft). Dean had made himself at home, he was clicking away on my laptop which was now hooked up the tv screen as well. He told me he had picked a link to a movie he watched earlier that week. Instantly quiet sex sounds filled the room and as I rounded the wardrobe I was pleased to see him naked on the bed, laying flat on his back, his thick cock standing proud upright. He looked at me and I flicked my eyes from him to the screen, a busty short haired brunette, on her knees sucking about five guys in turn. He was wanking his cock and as I got nearer he went to move, but I told him to stay right where he was. He did as I asked and I lowered to my knees, he let go of his dick as I sank my mouth to it.

He was rock hard as my lips spread to let him in. As soon as I made contact with him, my body itched and ached for more. I moved from my waist letting nearly all of him in, pulling back before he made me gag. My lips tingled as the slid over his hard smooth skin, I could feel the heat through my cheeks even. He was gasping, in between breaths encouraging me on and calling me a good cock sucker. I showed him my appreciation for his comments by moving faster on and off, trying to get more of him in. It was this physical feeling that made my mind up for me and I pulled off him long enough to tell him that I had a treat in mind for him. I stood up and pulled of my tee and jeans in haste. I was not wearing pants and my cock stood out hard above him. I straddled him and my cock sat on his, I rode him a little while I fumbled to the side to reach what I needed. Keeping my hands out of his view I moved back to blow him while I took the lid of the tube I had retrieved and reached behind me to put some lube on my arse. I was trying to be discrete, but he rumbled me and started mumbling even more encouragement. Now at his words I was pumping my face up and down in him while I fingered my hole.

The erotic feeling in the air really did not need describing, but the more he talked dirty to me the more I was aware that I was wasting time with him in my mouth. I sat on my heels and unwrapped the condom.

The shiny rubber stretched over his tip and I rolled it down his shaft. I wanked a light handful of lube on him and he was shaking as I got up and moved back up his legs. I realised that I was shaking too as I raised myself up and took him in hand at this base to aim as I lowered back onto him. Hi body locked under me while I fought to relax mine, his fat tip nudged in my crease and with a slight shift I yelped as it made contact with my hole. I am no anal virgin and my two fingers had help warm me up, but it still hurt as he peeled me open. I winced, relaxing onto him. I was starting to change my mind, thinking I would not be able to take him. I moved forwards, changing the angle and my body tingled all over in response; with a slip aided by gravity I fell a little and he broke into me and no sooner was his big helmet probing inside me, his thick shaft was massaging me as he slid smoothly in. We both gasped but there was no time to savour it, I felt my bum cheeks connect with him and so I lifted back up. Three then four times I slid off him like this, my ring piece red hot and wet excess lube building up between my cheeks. I looked under me, my softened cock in no danger of obstructing the sight beyond, shadow and light appearing around his thick girth as I slid on and off him.

His eyes were closed and his head was rolled back, I knew how hard he was inside of me, but had no way to gauge how near he was to coming what with this being his first time in me. I took this as signs that he was close though and so leant my weigth forwards, from my hips I fucked him fast. Instantly his breathing changed and he told me he was going to come. I did him fast like this and told I could not wait for him to spunk, having him spunk in me while I was fucking him.

Suddenly he took hold of my hips and held me still, telling me I had made a good point, he liked me fucking him, but he told me that the first time that maybe he should fuck me. I let out a giggle that in hind sight I am embarrassed by, he rolled me over on the futon, nearly losing me off the low edge, his cock pulling from me. I rolled my legs up in anticipation for him mounting me, but with excitement he used my momentum and rolled me onto my front on the dusty floor. Face down his weight was on me in an instant, his hard dick slipping between my greased cheeks. With natural ease, his hard on found my hole and he pushed back into me, crying out with a sordid dominance as he took me. He had his hands on my back and I was uncomfortable and thankfully I was distracted by the sensations of him fucking me. His thrusts were short but deep and I was being banged into the floor, I was in heaven as his calling out got louder and dirtier as his cock got harder in me. Spasms took over his thrusting suddenly and his hips jerked into me. Heat swelled in my bum and he tensed all over as I felt his cock pulsing inside me, he fucked me like this for a while in silence, even his breath was held. He pushed so far into me I wondered if each hit delivered its own shot of come like it did in my mouth. I wished I could feel that too.

He slowed and then stopped, I felt the change in his cock straight away and feeling returned to me, my ring twitching around him. The sound of the porno returned to my ears and then his weight shifted, his hands came off my back and he lay on me instead, his cock softening and my bum pushing it out. My arse had not felt so used and spent in a long time and I lay there in my own state of ecstasy.

I decided that was the best point to tell him, amidst our heaving sweaty bodies, that we were alone in the house all night. His response was to ask me if he could stay then so he could fuck me some more. It took me less time than one of my banging heart beats to answer that one!