Written by allanw

28 Jan 2011

I've been reading stories on SH for some time and I thought it was time to add my own.

I'm 63 now and I've been bi for as long as I can remember. Back in the 60s I lived in Birmingham but a lot of friends were in Coventry so my travels took me along the A45 past the loos at Stonebridge Island (the magic roundabout). One summer night I was returning home and decided to pop into the toilets. As I pulled into the layby I noticed there were a couple of cars there.

As I went in, I noticed a guy standing just inside the door. It was dark inside but I soon got used to it. Standing in the darker part I could just make out two figures. Standing by the urinal I noticed the guy by the door was wanking slowly. I watched for a bit and he suddenly said" It's Ok, he's one of us".

"Come over here son" someone said. I went to join the two guys in the shadows and as soon as I was there My T shirt was pulled up and I felt my shorts being pulled down. Someone grabbed my head and made me bend over and offered a hard prick to my mouth. I started to suck on it and as I did so my shorts and pants were pulled to my ankles. I felt the guy behind me move closer and I thought I'm going to be fucked. But I was wrong. The guy behind me simply put his prick between my legs and rocked backwards and forwards.

Suddenly He pulled his prick away from me and I felt a rush of warm cum splash on my back and arse.He pulled away and then changed places with the guy by the door. He came over and started feeling me and the started to push the first guy's cum into my arse. Not bothering to much with what he was doing I was busy sucking on a nice dick. The guy behind me had ideas of his own after lubeing me up with cum he just popped the end of his dick into my arse and said "Oh God, He's tight" Then he said to the guy I was sucking "Lets get the little fucker stripped off". My T shirt was pulled off and my shorts and pants were kicked into a corner. The guy behind me now started to fuck me in earnest. He wrapped his arms around me and alternatively pinched my nipples and wanked my dick. I was always on the plump side so he had some nice man boobs to play with.I was only 18 but I had taken a dick before so there was little pain, just a lot of pleasure.

After a while the guy fucking me said he was going to cum and speeding up I soon felt his sperm jetting up my arse. This seemed to encourage the guy I was sucking because suddenly he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and taking his prick from my mouth, came all over my face.

I was left alone to clean myself up, I left the T shirt and pants there and drove home in just my shorts. I knew then why Stonebridge was called the magic roudabout.

I often think back on those days and have a wank to the memory. Happy days.