Written by davecharles

7 Mar 2016

I went out for a drink with my best friend Richard whilst Sarah was away with her mum. We had worked together abroad and he and his wife Judy had been friends with my first wife Cath, even going on holiday to Mauritius together.

Judy and Richard had had a fairly open marriage I gathered and had played around a bit together with other people as well as separately. Richard had hinted they would like to get together for a bit of foursome fun with Cath and me.

I was up for it but Cath wouldn’t even discuss it. Shame, but she was very conservative – till she started an affair with one of her colleagues and moved in with him. That was a bit of a wasted opportunity I thought....we could have at least had a threesome first...

Richard and Judy had split up before us. I had gone to bed with Judy once as it happened (after we had become single so it was a fuck a friend time) and she was a good fuck certainly – better than Cath had been – and I wouldn’t have minded having had her a bit more often.

Anyway Richard was still single and in between girlfriends. He and I had a few drinks and talked about our ex’s, what they were like to fuck etc. I admitted sheepishly to him I had had Judy and wished we had taken up their offer to have sex together. I would have like to watched you fuck Cath, I said, especially if I was sunk in Judy’s pussy or ass at the time. Yes, group sex is fun he replied, especially if everybody is bi – you get great combinations.

Oh yeah, I said. I have lots of fantasies in that line myself. Everybody fucking everybody else. I could definitely have enjoyed an anything goes time with you and Judy. Did you and Judy do much?

Yes, mainly foursomes he said, but we did make out with a gay friend once – that was great – very enjoyable, He fucked me while I was fucking Judy and we all had a turn being in the middle of the sandwich.– you don’t get much more bi than that. He and I did it together too afterwards one on one but it was sexier with Judy involved. Judy liked getting it in the ass and cunt at the same time too. So I guess I am really bi, not gay though that can be fun too.

Yes I think me too, I said. In fact Sarah and I have been bi dabbling a bit with other people – one of her girlfriends and one couple, including the other guy and me fucking too – and we want to try more. A bi threesome with you would be cool if you fancied the idea.

Fancy the idea? Yes please, said Richard. Really bi, no holes barred? Fucking while you are being fucked is great...

I know Sarah would like to try out your cock and tongue, I said. Yup, no holes barred too – Sarah or me – and I would be happy to give it to you too. In fact I am hard now just thinking of it.

Me too, he said. Fancy watching some porn at my place and having a wank and a bit of fun?

So we walked back to his place that was nearby and relaxed with a beer. He put some porn on he had got from Amsterdam – a foursome with the girls making it together whilst the two guys sucked each other. Big cocks too. Mmmmmm

We got our own cocks out and wanked slowly. Can I suck you? Richard said. Yeah, I said, if I can do you too. I stood up in front of him and dropped my trousers and boxers. He sucked my erect cock into his mouth, and reached up to rub my nipples – I had told him I liked my girlfriends doing that. Then he reached round with one hand and slipped a wet finger into my ass. If you have some lube, I said, you can do that properly.

OK, let’s go to bed, he said, and fuck? I’d love to feel this hard cock up me.

OK, I said, me too. I want to empty my balls into your ass. But now I want to suck your cock first.

I bent down and took his cock in to my mouth. Firm and smooth, warm and stiff, soft but with what felt like an iron core. Nice – I was going to enjoy this.

Our clothes came off quickly. Richard sat on the edge of the bed and took my cock into his mouth. I felt his heat around me, his tongue running over my head. His fingers reached up for my nipples and gently caressed them. I started moving in and out slowly, savouring the feelings he was giving me. I felt one hand going to the bedside table and then back, this time to my ass and a finger with lube on it slipped into me, moving about, coating my insides with slippy lube. I knew I was in for a bit of a fucking.

Richard let me go then moved back on the bed, offering me his cock. I bent over and sucked it again. I glanced up, saw the lube and reached for it. I took a dollop and started rubbing it into his hard penis, this phallus that was going to do what phalluses do but this time to my ass, my ass that had only had a cock up it once. This was going to be my second and I was still nervous.

Richard had his eyes closed as he enjoyed me caressing his cock, all slippy now, ready to have me. He opened his eyes as I moved up over him, guiding his cock to my bum. I felt his head at my ass lips. I felt what many girls will have felt, a lover’s cock at their private entrance, the decision to take it in mine, the decision to give us both pleasure mine.

I sat down on his cock slowly, feeling the head open up my lips, slide through the resistance of my ring then onward, upward into my ass. His cock opened me up as he came in. I felt his warm hardness in me, his smooth cock skin slipping easily on my smooth inner ass skin. Then he was all in. I was sitting on him, his groin pressed against me. I sat still, enjoying being full, letting my man cunt get used to this invasion of another male’s cock. I clenched my ass muscles then relaxed them then did it again. I moved up and forward then back again, fucking myself on his cock. I knew I was ready to be fucked properly. More, I wanted to be fucked properly.

I moved off to one side. Come, give it to me properly I said. Richard moved on top of me, lifting my legs up and slipping his cock back into me. My ass savoured his prick sliding into me again up to the hilt. Yes, do me, do me I breathed. He started moving.

God, you are tight and smooth, he said. This is nice. I want to fuck you, feel my cock sliding in and out of your hot, slippy ass, then spurt my spunk into you, feel your ass flooding out with my cum.

Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard with that beautiful cock. Let me feel every inch in me. I want your balls to push all your spunk into me. Yeah, give it to me. In and out. Long and hard.

God that’s good, Richard said. Your ass is sucking me off. I’d love Sarah to be here to stick her fingers up my ass, her tits into my mouth. Or her fucking me with a dildo, Or I could be fucking her ass with you fucking my ass with your cock. Would you like that? Would you like to see me fucking her while you see, feel your cock going in and out of me?

Yeah I said, and me spurt into you at the same time you spunk into her.

Oh yes, yes he said, thrusting his prick hard up me and swelling inside me. I felt the first spurt hit me, then he thrust up again and held it up there to give me the rest of his spunk. I felt my ass wet inside with all his juice, knew his balls had emptied themselves into me.

He lay on top of me and I didn’t mind. I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles several times, enjoying the feel of him in me. Then he slid out of me, lying down beside me. That was good, he said. I needed that.

Lie on your front, I said, my turn...

I took the tube of lube and gently finger fucked his ass with lube, then coated my cock. I eased myself on top of him then slid my cock in one movement slowly up him. He was tight, slippy and wrapped round me. Nice, I said.

I started moving slowly, enjoying the feel of his ass sucking at me as I drew my cock out, then opening out as I pushed back in. He grunted as I started to wind the speed up. Yeah, fuck me man, he said. Fuck me and give your spunk. I want to see it running out of me afterwards.

I could feel the feelings build up. All that existed now was his ass, the bed and my cock moving in and out like a piston, the head alive with sensations and cum waiting to burst out. Aaaarrgghh, I yelled as at last the dam broke and my spunk jetted out into him. Once, twice, three times.

I collapsed a bit on him, exhausted. I felt that man, he said. I felt all your spunk hit me. It was great.