Written by Ray

28 Jun 2008

Wow!!! Ive just had an amazing time with our local postman, he knocked on my door and only dressed in a dressing gown as Id just had a bath I opened the door, he handed me a parcel to sign for, as I was doing this a gust of wind blew open my dressing gown and he saw I was naked underneath it.

I apologised and told him id just got out of the bath, he smiled and said nice and clean for me then and laughed, I went red and asked if he liked what he saw, yes was the reply and he asked if I was alone, of course I replied and asked him in.

He told me he had one more stret to deliver and would be back in 15 minutes, but this didnt stop him undoing my dressing gown and taking a look at my now semi erect cock, he said dont play with it and I\'ll sort it out when I get back and off he went to finish his round.

I was getting myself sorted and was deciding wether toget dressed or stay naked under my dg, when the doorbell rang again, I opened it and it was the postie Ben, he walked in shut the door and pulled me towards him planting a wonderful kiss on my lips that developed into a frenchie, his hands were all over my body and eventually undid my dg and dropped it to the floor.

He followed my dg and dropped to his knees and began to suck my now very erect cock, after a while I felt like I was going to cum, my knees were shaky and I couldnt hold back and let loose 5-6 beads of cum deep into his throat that he swallowed and begged for more.

I told him to stand up and follow me into the bedroom where he was told to strip off, this he did and showed me his very erect 8 inch cock, I was stunned by it, it was lovely veined and with a large purple head on it, I walked over and started to play with it and he was soon moaning in pleasure telling me to stop or he would cum.

I stopped and we lay on the bed he asked if Id ever had anal sex, I smiled and said yes and love to be rimmed and fingered before having anal sex, he was so happy as he enjoyed rimming and fingering guys too, so I told him to carry on, and boy did he carry on, he licked my hole for absolutely ages and then whist licking it lubed it with some ky jelly I had handy, stopped licking and placed 2 fingers at my hole and entered it, he then took my cock in his mouth and was sucking and fingering me at the same time, I was really getting worked up and soon felt like I was about to cum again, I asked him to stop but he didnt take notice and carried on until again I filled his mouth with my cum again.

He stopped sucking me but carried on fingering me for about 10 more minutes or so, he pulled out his fingers and asked if I used condoms, I told him that I usually did and had some in the bedside cabinet, he dutifully put one on and lubed it up and started to enter me slowly at first and once Id got used to it he thrust it up as far as it would go making me gasp, he then started to make love to me slowly and gently for what seemed ages, and eventually fill the condom with his cum and pulled out.

This was a wonderful experience and he has promised to see me next time he is on a Saturday round, he dressed and left kissing me before finally shutting the door.

Just before typing this he rang me and asked if Im free during the week, for him I replied Im always free, so heres hoping its the start of something special.