Written by stonecat

15 Jan 2009

What follows is absolutely true, and as you will see, the proof may be out there. There are some toilets near my house where I have had some interesting encounters over the years. Those of you who are familiar with west Edinburgh may know them; there are five urinals and three cubicles – and usually some action!

This particular incident happened on one of the few really hot days we had last summer. I entered the toilets and there were two guys already there; at the far urinal there was an old guy, maybe about 60. At the nearest one was a stocky guy with a bit of a pot belly, probably late 40’s. I placed myself at the middle urinal. Once they had sussed that I was there for the same thing as them we all revealed a little more of ourselves. I am a bit smaller than average I must admit, but have a good looking cut cock. The old guy was about 6 inches with a big, low hanging ball sack. The stocky guy to my left had a hell of a cock though. It was about 71/2 inches long but with a really thick ribbed and veined shaft, and with an oversized bell end. It looked frightening.

They both moved towards me and we started wanking and stroking each other. After a short while Big Cock whispered to me “Strip for me”. Well, normally I am pretty dominant when it comes to these sorts of encounters so I surprised even myself when I nodded.

I went into the nearest cubicle and locked the door. I took off my t-shirt. There was no hook on the door so I folded my shirt and put it on the cistern, followed by my shorts and boxers. I was going to put my trainers back on but decided to leave them off. I even put my watch in my trainer so that I was absolutely totally naked.

I opened the door a little and could see that a third guy had arrived, aged late 20’s and that he was busily wanking himself to full hardness. I opened the door fully. “Come out so we can see you properly” said Big Cock. I was nervous as hell at the thought of someone coming into the toilets and seeing me. I stepped out but stayed close to the cubicle so I could jump back in at the sound of approaching footsteps.

I am quite slim and fit even if I say so myself and immediately all three of them had their hands over me, stroking, touching my cock and balls, exploring the crack of my arse. Big Cock held up a camera phone and said “Let me film you”. I shook my head “No way”. He said “It’s ok – just a short video, cover your face if you like, no one will recognise you”. I thought about it for a moment. I felt so fucking horny I didn’t want things to stop so I nodded and covered my face with both my hands. Again their hands were all over me. It felt enormously arousing not knowing exactly who was touching me.

After a short while I felt a hand at the back of my head, pulling me down and forward. I let myself bend over and was faced by the huge cock. Aware that I was being filmed, I put my left hand across my brow to hide my face, like the peak of a cap. I grabbed the thick shaft with my right hand and then took his cock in my mouth. It felt amazing, I was so turned on. The head was a little too big for me to suck comfortably if truth be told but it was still wonderful. I knew my jaw was going to ache unless he came quickly.

Behind me I felt a wet finger start wriggling into my arse. It felt great - but I knew what was probably coming next. Sure enough, I felt my arse cheeks being parted and a cock pushing at my hole. I could see the guy in his 20’s from the corner of my eye so I realised that it was the old man trying to fuck me.

He pushed hard and it hurt like hell. I moaned my displeasure and he withdrew. I heard the sound of spit so I guessed he was lubricating his dick again. He pushed in again, very hard and it still hurt like hell but this time he was about half way in and wasn’t taking any prisoners. He thrust and thrust again, getting deeper each time. It still hurt but was now getting easier with every stroke.

I was still sucking Big Cock for all my worth but he decided that he wanted to control things more. He grabbed my hair to hold my head still, and started to rhythmically move his cock back and forth in my mouth.

The guy in his 20’s shot his load in a urinal and was gone a moment later.

There was a short period, perhaps only 20 seconds when Big Cock and the old man seemed to fuck me in perfect time, as one thrust forward, the other was pulling back. It was probably just co-incidence but it heightened the feeling that they were amusing themselves with me, just playing with me for their pleasure.

Big Cock was thrusting really hard, ramming his meat into my mouth. It seemed to fill my whole mouth and he was banging into the back of my throat. I was so excited but I was finding it hard to breathe and he was pounding away so quickly now that I could feel the panic starting to rise in me.

Suddenly he pulled out and still grabbing my hair he roughly jerked my head upwards. I could see his monstrous cock in front of me and just behind it, the camera phone, capturing my startled look as he erupted over my face.

God his come is hot I remember thinking, almost burning as I could feel it flicking and flailing all over my face. I opened my mouth to take some on my tongue, all thoughts of anonymity now forgotten. So much come, I thought, so much come, it was extraordinary.

“Lick it clean you dirty bastard” he said and pressed his dick back past my swollen lips into my mouth.

Behind me I could feel the old man was reaching a crescendo. He was making a strange guttural growl with every push, until there was one deep final thrust and he buried himself in me to the hilt, his low hung ball sack slapping into my arse one final time. He let out a low moan, and in my tight arse I could feel his cock pulse half a dozen times as he emptied his seed into me.

For a moment we were all frozen, completely motionless. Then, as if on a cue, they both withdrew at the same time and walked wordlessly into 2 of the cubicles, I guess to clean themselves up. I gasped and staggered back into my cubicle and sat down. That had been phenomenal. I took a few minutes to control my breathing, I was still shaking with excitement. I thought I had better clean myself up as best I could, and I then dressed again. By the time I opened the door the toilets were empty; they had gone.

I still hadn’t come myself so I went back into the cubicle. I was unbelievably aroused. After 10 minutes no one else had come in and I was too horny to wait any longer. A few hard strokes of my cock and I was spilling my shot into the toilet.

As I left the toilets to walk home, I felt a bit hard done by as I had given out so much but then had to toss myself off. Then suddenly the thought of the camera phone footage hit me like a punch in the stomach. How could I have been so stupid? What if that gets shown around? What if that turns up on the internet? Then I would well and truly be fucked.

I have had butterflies thinking about that but 6 months on and I haven’t seen anything. Part of me wants to see it, to see how it looks when he came like a river across my face. But as I said, who knows - the proof may be out there…..