Written by lincoln bi.

27 Sep 2010

A few years ago,back in 2004 i was asked to work away from home over in Sheffield for a month, it was a good break from the norm i though, hotel living for the week days then back home for the weekends and all expenses payed for. Thats what i thought at the time anyway, 2 weeks in and i was bored senseless, no company on the nights, no friends to meet up with and my girlfriend 90 or so miles away. Well you cant sit in a hotel room all the nights so i started drinking in a small pub (sorry, i've forgotten the name) down a skinny street in the centre of town, nice little place, not to busy, nice staff. After a few nights in there on my own i got chatting to Steve, little older than me at 30, i was 24 and we had similer interests, football, music, cars and the like. After a couple of hours drinking a mate of his turned up. Andy, Steves mate was 30 also and seemed to instantly take a dislike to me which was fine, I didnt really know him, I was a bit drunk anyway and didnt really care. After a couple more drinks Andy popped off for a pee and Steve appologised mentioning they were a couple and Andy was the jealous type "He thinks i'm trying to pull you, I'm not though" he mentioned. Again i wasn't bothered "None of my business mate, i didnt even realise you were gay". Steve laughed saying "You've got a crap and your in a gay bar, its always dead in the week but come friday/saturday its heaving and you'd realise within seconds". Funny i thought, this'll make a good story for when i get back home. Well the drinks flowed and come closing at 11 i was about to make my way back to my hotel, mentioning i was starving, when Steve asked if i'd like to go back to there's. They lived just across the road and above a pizza shop. Sod it, might as well i though, it beats a cold sandwich, neither of them seems a threat and with Steve at least i'd been having a good laugh, there was also the offer of more drinks to consider. 15 minutes later i've a pizza on my lap in a tidy flat and Andy's mixing me a Gin and Tonic, my drink arrives and i take a sip. "Hows your drink" Steve asks, "Bit srong but I"ll manage" i reply. This is when it all got A bit weird. Steve looks at Andy and says "This isnt good enough", Andy appologises to both of us and Steve again says this isn't good enough. I'm laughting at this when Steve appologises to me asking what should we do? "Honestly its fine mate" i say, "dont worry about it". I'm asked if we should punish him? "Your flat your rules" i reply, "do what you've got to do". At this stage my heart is racing, there's tention in the air but there's also alcohol in my blood stream and its all a bit like theatre, I was expecting them both to laugh any second. "He needs to be punished, would you rather i do it now or later?" I'm asked. "Now i guess, this drinks bloody strong" I say laughting and with that Andy's told to bend over the foot stool. I honestly wasn't expecting him to but he did as he was told and Steve kneeled behind him, grabbed his hair and started spanking him. "You ok with this?" i'm asked "Crack on mate, like I said, its your flat your rules". I'm enjoying it i must have admit, I've had gay thoughts in the past like most blokes but never thought to act on them and here I am getting a free show. Steve reaches for the remote and presses play on a VHS player, home made porn comes on the tv, its Andy and Steve kissing and touching each other, this is getting interesting I think. Steve's now pulling Andy's hair and pushing his fingers into his mouth whilst grinding his groin into Andy arse. I'm asked if I'd like to join in, I didn't reply, I moved towards them and kissed Steve. "Lets force this little cunt to suck your cock" Steve whispers whilst undoing my belt and reaching into my jeans. I'm very hard and want nothing more. My cock's free and I shuffle over to Andy's face. Steve grabs both Andy's face and my cock and forces one into the other. This is amazing, I'm loving it, I'm game for this and so's Steve, if Andy isn't He's hiding it well and still doing an amazing job on me. Steves undressing at this stage and i get my first glimpse of another mans cock in a sexual situation. Very nice too, trimmed and a good 6/7 inches. Its gorgeous and I reach out for it, He moves over to me and we're kissing again as I'm stroking his cock whilst getting mine sucked. Andy gets a second cock forced in his mouth, two sets of hands in his hair whilst he moans. I'm loving this but want to taste my first cock, I pull out and bend over to join Andy, we briefly kiss before i take Steve in my mouth, I'm loving this, it feels natural and right. Andy gets told to undress and i watch out the corner of my eyes as He does so. He's hard too, very nice body and fully shaven, very smooth and with a good sized cock. I reach out for it and slowly wank him before pulling him down to his knees and towards my mouth too. I taste my second cock, Steves got his hands in my hair now but gently, this is good. I look up and see they're both kissing, I get on my knees again and join them in a three way kiss as we're all touching each other. A few minutes pass and Steve disapears into another room before returning with condoms and lube, "Ever fucked a bloke I'm asked?" "Not yet" I reply guessing I will be tonight. The kissing and sucking starts again, each of us on each other for some time when suddenly Andy starts to moan, Steves fingering his arse, two fingers already and they're both clearly loving it. Andy's forced over the settee before Steve quickly rubs some lube over his cock and places it on Andy's arsehole and pushes himself straight in whilst grabbing his hips and kissing me. He's getting deeper with ever push and Andy's moaning but clearly in pleasure. I reach for a condom, it goes on easily, i'm rock hard. I'm told i'll need lube so rub some on. Steve pulls out and i take his place, pushing in it feels wonderfull. I know i'm going to cum sooner rather than later and theres nothing i can do about it. "I'm gonna cum" i say. "Come over his face" Steve says but its too late, i cum were i am, so strongly i'm biting my own lip. I pull out after catching my breath and remove the condom. Steve grabs Andy again and forces him to suck me clean whilst wanking himself. He anounces he going to cum and forces Andy to suck him to completion. He swallows the lot. Only Andy left so i start sucking him again to full hardness and as his hand joins my mouth, He almost takes over, I've only got the head in my mouth and his wanking pace is quickening, He anounces he's going to cum, I've experianced most things tonight so i continue. He grabs my head and fucks my mouth before coming. I'm loving this but not keen on swallowing so move to kiss him and pass in on, Steve joins us in a three way kiss and we share the cum before i collapse on the floor in a sweaty mess and collect my breath and the others join me. Fantasic I say and we all agree. I'm offered a place to stay for the night but refuse, work in the morning and all that so dress, head back to the hotel and shower after swapping numbers. I get a few texts the following day and reply that it was a great night but a one off, everyones happy with that and i head off home for the weekend thinking that'll be that. Well of course it wasn't, the next week I'm back in Sheffield and a few days later I'm back in the pub. I text Steve and He joins me, two hours later I'm back in there flat making a private video and enjoying my first anal fucking from both of them. I've still got the VHS and watch it now and then although I deleted there number one night so can't contact them. Its been 6 years so doubt they'll still be in the same flat but I often think about heading off to Sheffield for a friday/saturday weekend in that little pub. I've moved to Lincoln myself since, if there are any Gay couples out there i'm way overdue a 3rd experiance.