Written by TomLin

8 Jul 2015

I'm a student at university in North Wales.Before coming here I experienced a few very secret gay encounters,secret because my Mum who raised me would be so disappointed. Her "partner" my "uncle"was ,unknown to her , bi-sexual, neither did she know in her absence he had visited my bed,not unwelcome.

I had twice before indulged in sex with other men in a public toilet but apart from these episodes I resorted to using a internet live cam site (just cams) for gay sexual fun.I had given up on the prospect of public toilet action,an experience I had really enjoyed,and then last Sunday as I cycled on Anglesey coast and was caught in a downpour which drenched me ,I was within a short distance of a little seaside village (name withheld) .

I was wearing just a tee shirt and "running shorts" ,short running shorts,I'm not a big person,slim build and reasonable looking and I think I look sexy in my shorts. I was so wet both my tee shirt and shorts were clinging to me,I knew that even my undies were soaked uncomfortable for cycling.

A sign for a public was a welcome sight,hoped it open,it was early Sunday and the place deserted. I found the toilets near the beach,surprisingly a couple of cars were parked in the small attached car park. I locked my bike and went inside,not expected to see. anybody,the light was dim and it slightly startled me to see man at the urinal,he turned looked at me and smiled.

It was one of those older toilets,open type urinal and two cubicles,a little surprised by his presence I tried a cubicle door,locked , I tried the other one , it opened to reveal a man standing there completely naked, an arm was coming through a huge hole between the cubicles and was wanking his cock he made no attempt to close the door. Inside my tight shorts I was becoming instantly aroused.

The guy at the urinal was looking towards me he obviously knew what I was seeing,he was smiling at me,he turned fully towards me ,he was wanking his own rigid cock,he nodded for me to join him,there was no way I could hide my arousal,I could feel my cock had pushed its way upwards out of my bikini briefs which are my favourite undies,I was back in the zone,this was'nt internet ,this was real,real naked bodies ,real erect cocks.

I took the few steps back to the urinal,his free hand instantly probed my shorts front and back,I was in heaven.He took my hand and wrapped my fingers tightly around his cock,you never forget what to do,I knew I wanted to see him cum,to make him cum,the real thing.

The next short period was wank heaven ,somebody might come in,but who cares,my ,my shorts and undies were around my thighs we vigorously wanked each other. I knew he was about to cum,he exploded,he was ready for that,jerk,jerk,jerk.

Behind us a cubicle door opened,the guy who was previously naked ,now neatly dressed was leaving,he looked at us and smiled.

I couldn't waste the chance,apologetically I replaced him in the cubicle. I needed to get out of my wet,but already drying gear.It was impossible not to see the person next door, WOW fantastic Lacey bra petite lace trimmed briefs , merely containing his balls and a most beautiful cock being slowly wanked,within seconds of being naked his fingers had entwined my cock which hadn't throbbed so violently in a long time, YES,YES,YES. I will continue.