Written by Paddy

25 Nov 2012

I’m just back from a visit West and a long train journey which had its benefits.

Some of you may have read my previous post: http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-91251.html so I thought I’d update you.

I spent the weekend at a stag do with the entire normal excessive drinking partying etc. that goes with it.

I head for the train to Dublin wondering if he, the ticket seller was working, I approached the booking office with a hint of nervousness and excitement, but sadly the shutters where down and the rural station looked like a ghost station apart from a few frail looking travellers who like me had prepared ourselves for the 3 hour monotonous journey that lay ahead.

I checked the electronic board, the train was due in 7 minutes, I was busy packing the Sunday Times into my rucksack when I heard “Hello Stranger” with a quick turn of my head I looked up, it was him!

“I’m travelling to Dublin today also, I’ve Christmas shopping to do” he said. “It’s great to see you again, fancy a travelling companion for the journey, we can use the guard’s carriage, it’s more private there and you can smoke”

The train arrived; we boarded and headed towards the rear of it, he inserted his key to the locked carriage and swiftly locked it behind us leaving the key in the door to prevent any un-welcomed visitors, my pulse started to race, does this mean we’re going to have fun where my initial thoughts.

By-passing the section that had parcels etc. I found the section for the “ Guard” a comfortable chair ( more like a sofa) and I settled down, he was on the radio informing the driver that he was in this section and if there were any problems despite him being off-duty he was available.

He sat alongside me as I lit a cigarette, sliding down the window he said “ I really enjoyed the last time”

He moved his leg alongside mine, then his hand moved, caressing my outer leg and slowly moving upwards, I in-turn let my hand wander across his chest and opened the buttons of his shirt, he’d not shaven and I explored a lovely hairy chest, moving my hand downwards towards his waistband I could sense his excitement and he mine!

We looked at each other and just snogged, exploring each other in the knowledge we couldn’t be interrupted.

We had a fantastic journey that day to Dublin, the 3 hours seemed to pass swiftly, he’s now a member on here, I think he will post something also – his rendition.