Written by Jason

18 Nov 2010

I know that was when I first began to realise that I enjoyed watching other lads cocks and wondering how often they wanked themselves off.My wife found out that I was having sex with other men,he was saying,I'd been doing it for years,I became addicted to visiting toilets,at first it was just to be wanked off but as time went on I needed more and more,I became fascinated by men wearing womens underwear at first I would wank or suck them off but then I started to wear them myself.

He was still wearing the tiny knickers as he talked,other than that we were both completely naked,I was serious when I said you had a lovely body,he was saying,but then at your age you should have,how old are you 19 I said.He was feeling my nipples with the tips of his fingers,they were hardening to his touch,yes you are a lovely young man he was repeating,I was surprised how I was enjoying him saying things like that to me,when I first went in the tolet all I wanted was to be wanked off.

I just stood there and let him feel my body,watching his fingers explore,his fingers moved down stopping to play with my pubic hair,soft he said,so soft.Why do you shave yours off I heard myself asking,you like it he asked,I do I said.He took his hand from my body and removed his knickers then took my fingers and moved them over his shaven pubic area then over his smooth balls and onto his throbbing long slender cock.

His fingers were tightly around mine moving with slow strokes covering and uncovering the head with my foreskin.I'll bet a lot of men have enjoyed playing with this,do you like having it sucked,I can still remember the first time a man sucked mine off,my wife used to do it occasionally but I still preferred a man doing it.

As he talked he moved closer to me and we wanked each other,his arm went around my back drawing me even closer,his hand cupped my bottom as his tongue went inside my mouth,our hands were touching as we wanked each other.

Slowly he started to move down my body,I knew he was going to suck my cock,I wanted him to suck my cock.The first touch of his hot tongue on the exposed head was something I'll never forget,as he had said earlier the first time you have your cock sucked by another man is an unforgettable experience,only another man knows how having your cock sucked feels,he knows how to make it last longer or how to bring you off.

He knew exactly how to do all of them things,he could tell if I was getting close to coming and gave my cock time to recover before starting to suck on it again,his fingers played with my balls and explored my bottom,gently probing and touching between my cheeks,he gave me moments of complete pleasure before standing up and guiding me down to suck his cock,I knew what he wanted me to do.

I realised why he shaved himsef smooth,everything seemed to be enhanced,the smoothness of his balls,his cock seemed to be longer and it was long anyway,there was no way I could get it all in my mouth,even between his cheeks was hairless.Even as I'm sucking him I got a mental flash of him in his shorts in the gym,again I'm thinking what was he thinking as he watched 15 or 20 naked young lads in the showers,surely he must have been thinking he would have liked to suck off some of them cocks.

Suddenly for some reason I wanted him to suck me off,now I was pushing him down onto my cock,he knew what I wanted and there was no doubt it was what he wanted too.He was'nt mucking around now he was sucking me with purpose,he was sucking me off.He was right it was the without doubt the best experience of my life,everything was enhanced,my orgasm was like I'd never spunked before,I could feel him swallowing and swallowing and swallowing and even as I had no more to give he kept gently sucking my cock.

He was ready for me to suck his off,I can still taste his spunk now,it was my first,my first but not my last,he introduced me to some of his friends who are more than willing to give and take.Yes I experienced his long slender cock coming off inside me and mine come off inside him when he's dressed in his little knickers,like him all my body hair is gone.