Written by Gary

18 Dec 2013

Nothing on the internet can match live sex with a complete stranger while breathing in the sexual fumes that are generated in one of the old public toilets which has been used for cottaging over many years.I'm 28 yrs old but as my job takes all over the country every so often and also having recently come across this site occasionally one is highlighted.

I don't really see myself as gay or anything else either,from a young age I loved sex,wanking and spunking were great in the early stages,I remember it was just before my 20th birthday I had completely naked sex with another man.It was a year or so earlier I'd discovered the joys of gloryhole sex which gave me the first taste of the highs I got from being watched while I spunked off.As you all know very soon that's not enough,touching that first strangers cock,instinctively knowing what was expected of me and of course making my first cock spunk.

I settled for wanking cocks for a short period,I'd not sucked a cock until my own cock was sucked off.It took me a little time to put my cock through a gloryhole and the thing I'd dreaded most happened,the first time them stranger fingers closed around it,I remember thinking fucking shit I can't hold my spunk,I felt like a complete cheat.

I realised that I was letting myself get too sexed up before having fun,I always wanked early in the morning when I woke up and it would usually be in the evening I'd be having sex,too long in between,I needed to wank a couple of hours before having gloryhole fun,it worked.

I had my cock sucked for the first time,the toilet I used then would get really busy in the evening,it was in a secluded place so very popular with cottagers,there was a bit of an unwritten code not to hog the cubicles for too long,there were three but usually there would be four,five or six men waiting to do their thing.

I was expecting the fella in the next cubicle to leave after I'd wanked him off but no he indicated for me to give my cock back to him,to this day I can still feel the hot wetness of his mouth,I can feel the touch of his teeth,his tongue rolling around my cock and then the strong deep sucking I made no attempt to hold my spunk,I pushed as far forward against the partition to get as much as I could of my cock in his mouth,I enjoyed three spunks in one,the motion of him swallowing setting me off into orgasm after orgasm.

They closed them toilets and it wasn't until I started this job travelling the country living in hotels that I began to come across some of the now dwindeling number of cottages.With each find over the years I've found my sexual needs were becoming keener,after having my cock sucked for the first time I wanted it to happen more and more,I sucked my first cock shortly after,it took me a couple of mouthfuls of spunk before I felt brave enough to start to swallow and enjoy spunk.

Many of the men I'd had sex with were naked,I used to strip down but to my briefs and silly as it seemed I liked to keep that last little bit of clothing on,I've always been into the smaller sexy briefs so it wasn't as if they covered much,it was just one of them things,but as I've said my needs continued to develop and even the briefs became surplus to requirement.

I read on here recently about a young guy going out into the main toilet naked and then actually going to the door of toilet and looking outside,I know where he's at,being seen naked at the other side of a gloryhole was brilliant,but eventually that wasn't enough,I started to go into other cubicles with other naked men and enjoy a wanking and sucking session,I started to need to let others open the door and watch us having sex.

Last week I came across a toilet near Cardigan in Wales,even before I went inside I knew I would have sex,it took a second or two to adjust to the dim light,a little twinge of disappointment crossed my brain,it seemed empty.There were two cubicles,the door to one was closed,as I pushed it open I wasn't really expecting to see anybody,wrong,he was about 60,he was almost completely naked,he was wearing a tiny pair of female undies which merely contained his balls,his cock which he was happily wanking on was rock hard 6/7 inches,surprisingly he was devoid of body hair,not that common amongst the older brigade,personally I've not entertained pubic hair since my teens.

I didn't notice it all at once and neither did I wait for a formal invitation to join him,I took his cock from his hand and started to wank him,he moaned his appreciation,I dropped to my knees pushed the undies down,he stepped out of them and gave him a sucking,the smell of well groomed and lightly scented body was very inviting.

He helped me undress,as is usual on these occasions words are not necessary,we both knew what we wanted.We embraced each other grinding both our precummed cocks hard together,I was happy for him to kiss me full on the lips,we tongued each others mouths.His hand slipped down between our sweating bodies and took both our cocks together in a tight grip and wanked us both.

I heard him whisper sorry and was suddenly aware of why,he started to jerk uncontrolablyI could feel his spunk shoot along the length of my cock as he continued to hold them both in a tight grip,I could feel the extra heat as his spunk hit my hairless pubic skin,I'm suddenly thinking why am I holding on,let go,spunk,it only took a sudden push of my cock into his hand and he knew what was required,he parted our cocks and concentrated on wanking mine,I pushed onto him gripping his buttocks as I let him have everything I had.

He even had some man tissues to clean ourselves,there was a little moment when we both stood there in our respective undies and nodded our appreciation,its a definite for a return journey.