Written by bithewaymale

23 Mar 2007

I have long been fascinated by dogging and one evening encouraged a straight mate of mine to join me in a well known site in Essex. We spent the first part of the evening in a pub for dutch courage. I had previously watched this guy fuck woman and he was an active animal. Hairy, muscular and big heavy balls. He never found it difficult attracting woman.

After he downed a skinfull of pints we headed in my car to the site. I asked before we got out of the car whether the alcohol had affected his ability to rise to the occasion? He said he wasn't sure and that he needed to check. Without another word he got his cock out of his jeans and started to yank on it. He said he wasn't sure if it was nerves or what but it didn't appear to be responding to his hand.

I don't know where it came from but I moved his hand away and went down on him. I didn't want a wasted journey and so wanted to see him in action. He screamed what the fuck did I think I was doing. I didn't reply, it was difficult to do with a musky smelling cock in my mouth but it started having the desired effect and his cock grew hard, to its full hard 9 inches.

I apologised for doing it but he said that I must never tell anyone what I had just done but you could tell this had got him hot for action. We left the car and walked into the bushes to seek some action. He was a little unsteady on his feet and the alcohol was now hitting him and ridding him of his inhibitions.

After about 15 Min's, we found a straight couple at it, he got his cock out and started to wank in front of them. At this the guy fucking her withdrew his cock and told my mate to fuck her. I watched and then decided to go down on the guy while he watched his g/f got fucked, the slurping sounds from him fucking her and me slurping on his cock broke the night quiet and before too long a small crowd had gathered round to watch.

All of them men, varying ages and all with their cocks out

enjoying the show. The guy shot his load in my mouth and the taste of her juices and his cum was simply heaven. My mate started to grunt and I knew that he was close to shooting his load. Just before he did he pulled out and squirted his load all over her stomach. A good load.

With this the straight couple left the scene and my mate still with his jeans around his ankles, having shot his load was now exhausted and sat on the ground and practically passed out. Seeing him just bent over had a strange effect on me and I stood over him wanking my cock. I was soon joined by the other guys who one by one shot their loads over him. I lifted his head up and rested it against the bush. His face was soon covered in spunk and seeing him being abused was such a turn on.

I, in front, of the other guys started to lick the cum of his face. As I was doing this he whispered to me to encourage the other guys to piss on him. I was genuinely taken aback that he was still conscious and knew what was happening to him and more importantly was enjoying it. I stood up and began to piss on him and noticed that he opened his mouth to drink it in. Those that were left joined in pissing on his body and his jeans were soon wet and his cock was hard again. This masculine guy was loving being abused and I was loving watching it and initiating it.

We had been there for about 90 Min's and I felt it was time for us to go I knew that I would have to cover the seat with plastic bags to get home. However, before we left some more shocking and eye opening action was to happen, which meant I was enjoying sloppy seconds, thirds or maybe even 5Th's!!

Let me know if you are interested in hearing more from me and this story?