13 Jul 2019

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As things progressed, I became more and more addicted to that lovely knob and he made full use of the fact.

He had me jumping through all sorts of hoops and I was so fucking willing! Sometimes, he'd get out of the bath and allow me just to "pig out" on his cock. I'd kiss it, lick it, suck it, play with it, as he pointed out many times, "You're fucking addicted to it wanker, aren't you?"

My marriage had broken up by then, but I still had four girlfriends on the go, plus whoever I happened to pull and go home with or take home when I was minding a pub or club.

Funny thing was, other guys held no interest or me. It was only him and his beautiful cock. Being honest, he wasn't much to look at, was only five eight tall, and out of condition. It was probably the fact that I knew and he knew that if I wanted, I could snap him in half, that thrilled me so much. He had total control of my mind, and therefore, my body.

When I was shagging one of my many lady friends, (and that's not bullshit, I've always been very lucky with the opposite sex) as I started to spunk, all I ever thought about was him emptying out down my throat as I emptied in to them.

One day, as I was playing with his knob, I happened to tell him this. I also got carried away and said "A couple of my girlfriends, I'd love to see sucking this" I said, indicating his cock.

He thought for a moment and then said "Nah. Not gonna happen. Women don't do it for me."

I rolled is foreskin back with my lips, ran my tongue over his helmet and commenced fondling is nuts and worshipping that beautiful cock.

Suddenly, he said "But, I think one of them should watch you pleasing me!"

I stopped sucking and said "Oh Fuck! I don't think so!"

He slapped me round the face and said "You don't fucking think so, you fucking wanker!" and then slapped my face again, quite hard this time.

"You're my fucking cock sucking slave and you'll do as I fucking tell you! D'you understand?"

Be honest, I was at a loss. It was totally unexpected, and yet I could feel it turning me on.

He then pushed me back on my heels, and gripping his cock, said "See this?" I replied at obviously I could. "D'you want to keep on seeing it?"

Suddenly, I realised that yes, I not only wanted it, I needed it!

"Yes Boss, " I replied.

"Okay, you fucking wanker. You don't work on Sundays, do you? Next Sunday, you'll be here at two in the afternoon, with one of your sluts, prepared to serve as usual. Understood?" Now suck this off and fuck off!"

When I left, I was in turmoil. I had the big rep as this hard man, hard-drinking, womanising, "macho" (hate that word) guy.

As I was driving away, I was thinking "Fuck him. I'm straight! DO NOT NEED HIM OR HIS COCK!"

Picked up a bottle of single malt on the way home, got in, stripped off, put the music on, rolled a big fat spliff and bombed out. (We didn't have the "chilled out" expression then)

I was determined that Andy and I were done. No way was I losing my image. Did I really need to carry on sucking his (gorgeous) cock on a regular basis? No, I didn't.

Then the doorbell went, and when I opened the door, there stood OMLY (name changed to protect the innocent)

As I stepped back to let her in, her dress slipped to the floor and she turned around naked apart from a big smile and a pair of heels. (Like Andy, she knew how to turn me on)

We had a few drinks, we were both naked, snogging, caressing, playing etc and then I said (I'm nothing if not devious) " D'you know, OMLY, you turn me on so much, I'd do anything to please you? I'd even suck another guy's cock!"

"You wouldn't?"

"If it pleased you, I would! I know that it's not something you'd want, but just to prove a point, I'd do it for you." (Laughing, as I said it)

"I'd love that!"

"Course you would. What?"

"Not only would it turn me on, it would really show me how much you love me."

Oh Shit!

I then said "Tell you what. Come to the club Saturday night, we'll carry on drinking in the restaurant when the club closes, and I'll have a word with a gay guy I know, see if he'll help?" (God I was such a liar)

"Brilliant," she said, as she lowered her head to my cock..

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