Written by tireesun

15 Apr 2008

after my last split i decided hat like the diceman life should be lived to the full. i\'ve always seemed to attract attention from guys - maybe i look feminine - but i\'ve never gone further than a snog and grope when a student.

it must be an age thing but i found myself increasingly excited by photos of cocks and guys in underwear. i wanted to touch & feel these cocks and i tried to guess how it felt to suck a cock.

i went to gay bars and tried to get picked up - but maybe i was giving off negative vibes and it just didnt happen. i locked eyes we looked each other over but no-one rang my bell - until pierre.

pierre was french tall,slim with the most deep brown eyes.we met at a bar - my french isnt great but there was a chemistry from the start.we had a few drinks & i got a bit drunk - we ended up back at my flat. pierre wasnt pushy - just confident - we had a couple more drinks before he kissed me.it felt so right - i loved his stubble against me - i loved his bites to my neck - my cock was pushing against my jeans - my hands were in his hair. i let him pull my teeshirt off and play with my nipples - his kisses were exquisite - he slowly undid my my fly - pushing me back - he rubbed me gently through my pants - then he pulled them forward to grab my pulsating cock. i groaned as he pumped and thrust against me - i found myself tearing open his flies and feeling a truly fantstic organ. it so hard and hot - i never knew that the heat would be my first reaction - it felt so thick. pierre slowly moved my jeans down - his kisses and bites made me moan with pleasure. gently he pushed my head down until my head was against his thighs and i was holding his cock. he arched his body and i felt his cock against my lips - this was my first taste but it felt so natural as i let him slide into my mouth. this time he was groaning - as he held the back of my head and started to pump me.my mouth was stretched by his girth and my hand stopped me gagging. i found i loved it and i started to please him using all the porn preps i\'d seen - he loved me licking his bell-end then his shaft, i sucked his balls and goobled his cock taking as much as i could into my mouth.

pierrw was no virgin and wanted the fun to last. he pulled me up and kissed me before pulling a condom and lube from his jeans. i wanted to try it too - i liked pierre andw e had no history so no-one would know. i wanted a feel a cock in me but without any come-back. pierre turned me over - i heard the tear of the condom package and watched him slip it over his cock. it looked huge - but i liked him and trusted him. his finger worked into me as he kissed my neck - two them three as i grunted.

he pushed hard then rested his cock end against me - he bit my neck

as he pumped my cock hard.i loved the feel of his naked body against me - his cock entered me - i yelped - it was a red-hot lenght of metal - so hot andlong. pierre held it inside me before thrusting into me. the first thrusts hurt and i moaned and writhed from his thrustsing - i guess after 12 or so i had loosened up and could take his length and girth but it hurt. i could only lie as he pumelled me until he came with three deep thrusts making me wince from pain.

i let him slide from me as i lay face down on the bed - the condom filled with his spunk.my ass was sore as it contracted but i knew that i had found a new kind of fun.