Written by avenuearry

11 Mar 2010

Heres what happened the other Sunday,Michael came to see me he is bi and enjoys wearing lacy underwear.We went into the bedroom and I told him to strip off,he looked really sexy in his lacy undies.I pushed him face down on the bed and tied his hands behind his back.He was complaining so I gagged him with a pair of pants and blindfoled him so he could not see what was going to happen.I spread his legs wide and gazed at his balls and lovely arse.I slowly licked at his arse and got him nicely wet,feeling his hard cock and wiping the precum from his cock I slowly inserted a couple of fingers into his anus and probed around.Once he was nice and loose I got a but plug which was about 6 inch long and 4 inch in diameter.I slowly started inserting it into his anus and when he had about half of it in him he pushed backwards to get it all into him.Once the plug was in place I turned him over and removed the gag and blindfold.Straddling his chest I rubbed my 9 inch cock all over his face trailing my precum over his cheeks and lips.He greedily took all 9 inch into his mouth and I slowly started to make love to his mouth.Feeling behind me I found that his cock was rock hard I slowly started to increase the pace of my fucking as I wanked his cock,in no time at all he soon shot his load all over his chest and I finally came with all 9 inch of my cock down his throat.After he had swallowed all my cum he thanked me for the intense orgasm that I had just given him.He left shortly afterwards but said he would be back next weekend for more of the same.