12 Jan 2018

I was at a loose end and decided to visit the local Newley reopened sauna in Leeds.

At first I was disappointed not many in and the ones that were not showing much interest.

On my second walk round always naked so guys can see what's on offer I have a nice ass an cock for use .

I came across a guy wanking in a room on his own, nice cock cut an fat I soon had it in my hand and mouth nice fat juicy dick. When I rubbed my hand over his arse it felt very smooth and different he had tights on the front rolled under his balls , suddenly it really turned me on and I sucked an licked as hard as poss till he gently pulled me up to face him, full on kissing hands all over my extremely hard cock.He stepped back picked up another pair of tights "would you" he asked so I obliged rolling them up a over my cock he pushed me back on the matt playing an waking my dick through the tights then his mouth set to work. I found this so fucking horny laid flat on my back having my cock worked on through nylon. By now we had a small audience three guys watching so I indicated for my mouth to be filled two climed on to the matt , one ether side took turns in feeding me cock my cock was close to exploding when he shot his load all over my cock am groin I felt the warm cum soaking through the nylon, he sucked an licked it up then pulled the tights down as he cleand my erection of all his cum, one of the cocks in my mouth shot cum over my face an chest ,the other guy gave up, we said our thanks I cleand up and went for a further wander ending up in the cinema part of the sauna watching porn playing with my dick,next thing I know a large cock waving close to my face, well it would have been impolite not to suck it . He fucked my mouth for about three or four minuets then was on his knees sucking me hard an deep , I said how close I was to cumming but a muffed "give me your load" almost straight away I had an amazing orgasam shooting cum down this guys throat he them he cleaned every drop from me gave a sloppy crummy kiss an left.

Nice end to a horny unexpected intense session will definitely try tights again,hope I meet them again?