1 Jan 2018

I've always known I was bi. Just before I got married for the first I wanted a bit of cock and went into a notorious public toilet in South London - don't bother looking for it, it was demolished years ago!

I entered a cubicle and almost immediately a note was pushed under the gap at the bottom of the wall asking "Age? Cock size? Likes?" I scribbled my answers quickly " 25, 6" and sucking/being sucked" and pushed it back under the wall.

The note came rapidly back with "Come into the cubicle to my right - there s a hole and I want to see you". I quickly pulled my trousers up and did as I had been instructed. In the other cubicle I quickly pulled my trousers down and started wanking my cock in front of the hole in the wall and then I spun around and showed him my bare arse! I heard an angry mutter from next door and another note quickly followed "I want to see your face - stop mucking about" .

I knelt in front of the hole and showed my face, evidently the guy liked the look of me because the next note said to meet him outside in two minutes. Outside I looked around to see who I had pulled! Whilst he had seen me, I had no idea what the guy looked like!! Suddenly a young Greek looking guy emerged out of the toilet block and smiled and me and indicated that I should follow him. I expected him to slow down and let me walk by his side once we were well clear of the toilets, but no, he just kept marching on and looking back every now and the to make sure I was still behind him.

Finally we turned into a new estate and he went up to a front door and held it open for me. I was nervous and seriously thought about backing out at that point, the Greek guy sensed my feelings and gave me a smile and said not to worry.

Once inside we went straight upstairs. He was obviously married as his wife's things were about the room. Anyway we quickly undressed and I went straight down on him. Andreas' cock was about 5 1/2 inches long, slightly plump and with a distinct upward curve.

He was clean and freshly showered, but smelled strongly of garlic! However I didn't mind too much! Andreas kissed me on the mouth and after a snog he worked down to kissing my nipples, before continuing down to my cock and balls that were licked, gently nibbled and teased for ages.

Suddenly he pulled my legs apart and gently pushed me onto my back. Andreas' cock was nudging against my hole "You take it?" he asked. "Oh yes" I replied and Andreas quickly lubed me up and started to enter me. He slipped in fairly easily and as I was on my back, I placed my legs over his shoulders - something that makes me feel very slutty!

Andreas pounded my arsehole and his balls slapped against my cheeks as I pushed to meet his thrusts. Suddenly Andreas said he was coming and I felt him squirt repeatedly deep into me. This was in the pre HIV/ AIDS days and condoms were not often used in the gay/bi community.

I went home to my wife to be with an arse full of spunk and gave her a good shagging that night!