Written by Russel

10 Apr 2008

Perhaps Amy-robben should try it.

The toilet I wrote about is off the beaten track . The guys who go there , either knows of it or are looking for somewhere to have some fun.

On one occasion I had got there early as usual. I stripped to my undies and waited, Gently playing with my dick.

I heard someone enter and then just silence . I waited a little while and then coughed . There was no immidiate response, then I heard a low cough . I knew there was somebody there.

I waited a moment or so then opened my door and looked out . There were two chaps standing close together at the urinals, which were to the left of my cubicle.

One looked over his shoulder and smiled . That was enough encouragement for me to step out of the cubicle. He smiled and nodded when he saw me in my undies slowly rubbing my dick.

He turned sideways displaying a quite large erect dick a generous pair of balls hanging below. He then turned fully towards me and wanking and smiling.

I pointed to the other chap who continued facing the urinal. He indicated that he was just playing with himself.

He pointed to the cubicle asking to join me, I nodded and went in , he joined me and started to feel all over my body, his hand going inside my undies to fondle my balls. I was enjoying it.

I asked him to take his clothes off, there was a moments hesitation , then he removed his trousers, he was wearing very neat white briefs, the waist band beneath his balls.

As he removed his teeshirt I took his balls and dick in hand and played with them. He held his teeshirt above his head obviously enjoying the moment . His shirt off he removed his undies.

He said I like the fact you have no pubic hair, you feel so smooth . I can always feel the hands playing with me much better , you should try it I said.

Let me suck you he said. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs. He knelt in front of me and slipped his mouth over my dick his tongue going round and round it as he sucked.I had to pull away I did,nt want to come off , he was good.

Let me I said ,he stood with his legs apart , I knelt and guided his dick into my mouth, he was big, I was mostly just sucking on the swollen head ,tasting his salty precum. There was a gentle knock on the door, his dick still in my mouth he reached and opened it.

I came off his dick and looked up, it was the chap who was at the urinals , only it was,nt a chap, it was a lass of about 30, dressed in like a man. I just stared as she said to him, I thought you had forgotten me.

She likes to watch he said, do you mind. I must admit I was a little stunned, She opened her blouse , she was not wearing a bra, she squeesed her nipples .

She unzipped her slacks and put her hand inside her knickers and started to play with herself, her other hand still playing with her tits. While I,m taking this in, he kneels again and takes my dick in his mouth, she is moaning loudly her hand moving faster.

Footsteps approached the entrance , she was in the cubicle with us , the door closed in a flash. All three of us were standing close together. With a little difficulty she removed her blouse, quickly followed by her slacks . I liked her knickers . Suddenly she took both our dicks in her hands and started wanking both of us.

I had to grab her hand and slow her down. Let me see you sucking each other she said as she put her back to the door . He immediatly sank to his knees and took my dick in his mouth, sucking me in and out. She removed her knickers and spread her legs apart at least 4 fingers now deep in her slit rubbing faster and faster.

He came off my cock and pushed my head towards his . I took what I could in my mouth . I mouth wanked him as fast as I could, from her sounds I knew she was coming , as I sucked him she she spread her legs above my face, from the side of my eye I could see the slippery redness of her slit her juices running from her fingers . I felt his dick push further into my mouth and my mouth was filling with hot spunk .

Because of the sise of his dick I could,nt swallow as he spunked , I was glad when he finished and I could it all at once. Do want one of us to suck you off he asked , no I said , but I enjoyed your company. They dressed and left , I went to the door with them, the chap standing at the urinal his erect dick in hand just smiled at us as they left, I spread my legs and let him watch me wanking.