Written by Russel

11 Apr 2008

Was that two chaps you were with he asked . You noticed then I said , one was actually a lass, a first in my experience. Did you both fuck her he said , no, she actually wanted to watch her boyfriend and I sucking each other.

So have you just been sucked off he asked , you,ve made a quick recovery. No I replied ,I sucked him off and she wanked herself off. I really enjoyed it. Push your knickers down and let me see your balls, I like your dick he said. I lowered my knickers ,he started to wank faster .

How safe is it in here he asked, no problem I said, I come here at least once a week, are you from around here I asked. No he replied , I,m here to attend a meeting this afternoon ,so I looked around to see if there was somewhere I could pass a few hours.

I like your shaved pube he said, do you like wearing womens undies.Love it I said, makes me feel really horny.We were so engaged in watching each other wanking and talking we did,nt hear him coming until he walked through the door. He saw us , I stepped back into the cubicle and waited.

I heard them whispering to each other , I looked out. The chap who just entered was wearing tee shirt and shorts, he had,nt come in for a pee, they were already playing with each others dicks.

I removed my bra and knickers as they both watched me, I put them in the cubicle and walked to where they were standing, we started a three way wank. The chap in the shorts asked do either of you take a dick , I don,t I said, but if you two fancy ,I,d love to watch.

These cubicles will take three he said , we might as well use the one with your clothes in, he said. A little tight but we fitted in, we,ll fit better if we are all naked he laughed, and removed his shorts ,teeshirt, and undies.The other was soon naked also. We did some threesome wanking, our dicks all close together.

Are you sure you just want to watch he asked , yes I said, and stood back to the door. They got in a clinch rubbing their dicks together ,holding each others arses. They came apart , the chap with the shorts reached in his pocket and produced some KY.

The other chap spread his legs apart , then leaned over the toilet bracing his hands against the wall. He applied some KY to his finger and rubbed on the head of his dick and down the shaft. He probed his arsehole gently with his lubed finger, then slowly pushed it in.

OK so far he asked ,yes he replied ,I,m enjoying it, push your dick in slowly. I watched as he placed his dick between his cheeks and pushed slowly pulling back a little then forward again going deeper every time.

Then he was all the way in , his arms went around his waist, his left hand holding his balls, as his right hand wanked his dick. It was great to watch as he pumped his dick in and out ,in and out .

Faster and faster , both of them now grunting furiously. I watched as his arse tightened , I knew he was spunking. At the same time the other was shooting his spunk against the back wall . I watched as he withdrew his dick , still dripping spunk .

They both cleaned themselves with some toilet paper. That was great I said, I hope you have a good meeting. I sat on the toilet and wanked as they dressed, then they were gone.