Written by G.H.B.A.

3 Jan 2012

I remember the toilet in Warrington,it was my very first experience of being wanked off by another man.Up to then I'd only ever wanked myself off in private using pictures of men in undies or if I could get hold of a book with naked men in,I didn't know I was homosexual,I just knew I was sexually excited by the sight of naked men.

Even when I went in the toilet I was'nt thinking about anything like what was about to happen,it was three cubicles,two of the doors were open and for some reason I went and pushed on the closed one,it opened and there was a man standing there with nothing on, except for a hard on,which he was wanking.It was probably just a matter of a second or so but I know I just stared at him,I honestly could'nt believe my eyes,he made no attempt to close the door he just stood there wanking looking me straight in the face.

I retreated to the urinal,no idea what to do,I for some reason took my cock out and pretended to have a pee,the sight of the first real erect cock belonging to another man etched on my brain.I stood there for what seemed a long time,there was complete silence,then I turned and looked behind me,he was standing in the cubicle doorway,still completely naked and still wanking.

I was suddenly all too aware of my own cock respond in my hand,and the sudden massive desire to wank,I looked away then back again,my own cock now fully hard,it never even crossed my mind about somebody else coming in.I heard his footsteps behind me,I just froze holding my hard cock in a tight grip,yet desperately wanting to start wanking.

I could smell his naked flesh,his sex,I could feel his breath on the back of my neck,and still I stood as if frozen to the spot as I felt his arm come around me from behind.I felt his hand touch mine which was holding my cock and then made no attempt to stop him as he moved my hand off.

I felt my own breathing stop as his fingers encircled my cock,I could hear and feel his deep breathing and feel him push himself onto my bottom,I did'nt know then what it was,I did'nt know it was his cock,all I knew then was that he had started to wank me.I felt a sensation in that moment that would never again be repeated in my sexual life.

I felt his fingers tighten and his hand gain a little speed,and rights,wrongs,pros,cons,fear,consequueces,did'nt exist in that moment,a complete strangers fingers were around my cock wanking me and I was'nt only letting him do it I was in absolute heaven.

It never even occurred to me to try to delay ejaculating,I went completely with what he was doing,he was wanking me off,and even though I'd only come off the previous night,as I looked down at his fingers move quicker and quicker and felt my whole body jerk and jerk again and again and watch my spunk shoot with massive force onto the urinal back.

I can remember how he knew exactly when to stop wanking me,whispering thanks in my ear,going back in the cubicle and leaving me to tuck myself away.I went back a day later and as it transpired he was the first man I wanked off,but the first of many.