Written by Andrew

20 Oct 2009

For obvious reasons I,m not saying exactly where they are,but off the beaten track,I don,t think they,re being maintained anymore.

I live best part of a 100 miles away,decided to go on Sunday afternoon this week,wife not too happy.We had sex a couple of times while I was home,but my mind was wandering.

I stopped on the way to do a bit of shopping,got a couple of spare pairs of undies,I chuck them away afterwards,I find that small,tight and white works best.

It was after three when I got to my hotel,was,nt planning to visit the toilets until Monday afternoon after my meetings.Tried the undies on and found myself feeling a massive urge.

Did my best to resist but found myself heading for the toilets.It was going dark when I arrived,there was just one car parked a bit away,maybe I was wasting my time.

Parked a bit away myself,it was cold,no light on in the toilets.Could,nt see much when I went in,nodody at the stalls but I could make out that one of the cubicle doors was closed.

I went in the one next door,in hope.Could,nt see a thing at first,even though I knew somebody was next door.I sat on the toilet and as my eyes adjusted I could make out the form of a body and hear breathing.

Then a light came on,it was from a mobile phone,I could immediately see the naked legs,I thought he must be bloody freesing.The light moved slowly upwards,a rock solid cock was standing between the parted legs.I immediately recognised it,completely smooth no hair.

The light from the mobile moved up and down outlining a completely naked body.My own cock was already hard,I stood up and started undressing,suddenly unaware of the cold.The light from the mobile shone on me as I removed my shirt,once I undid my trousers a hand came through and felt my cock through my undies,holding it even as I struggled out of my trousers.

As I said before the holes between the cubicles are huge.I moved close to the hole and let him play with me through my undies,then let him pull them down,I removed them while he started to wank me.

I remembered I had my mobile,Igot it from my pocket put it on the floor and switched it on,it shone a light up my body.He took my cock in his mouth tongued and sucked it,all the time fondling my balls.

My turn,I reached for his cock,I just had to feel all over his smooth pubic area,his balls felt fantastic so soft and smooth,his cock hot and throbbing.

He turned around slowly,again not a bit of hair,soft and smooth cheeks,totally hairless between them.My finger found his twitching hole he moaned to my touch.He turned back and got on his knees,he moved my hand all over his body,rubbing my fingers onto his nipples which were already hard.

We stopped for a moment when we heard sombody else come in the toilets.There was nothing for a couple of seconds,getting their bearings in the dark,must have seen the light from our mobiles.

He came in the empty cubicle next to mine and just stood there watching us,his hand on the front of his trousers rubbing himself.I stood sideways on my naked friend next door wanked me,the newcomer put his hand down his trousers and played with himself as he watched.

He undid his trousers and pushed them down,he had a long teeshirt on he put his hand under the bottom of it and played with himself,he was,nt showing much,I realised he was probably less than five foot tall,I could see he had hairy legs,it was a man.

Curiosity got the better of me,I pulled away from my naked friend and put my hand through next door and rearranged my mobile light to get a view.He stopped my hand at first,but I insisted.He lifted his teeshirt up,he did,nt have a hard on,he had a really small cock and tiny balls.

He held his teeshirt up and let me take his cock in my fingers,I could,nt believe how sexy that little soft cock felt.As I held it he kicked his trousers off and spread his legs wide apart inviting my fingers to go between his legs,his little balls were lovely to feel,he wanted me to play with him.

As much as I could I wanked his cock,it got just a little bit harder.It dose,nt get fully hard he said but I do come off,the first time anybody had spoken,would you like to suck on it he said,I,d never sucked a soft cock,why not.

I got on my knees,he pushed himself to the hole,I took his balls in my fingers and drew his cock into my mouth,it was sensational.My naked friend was missing out,why don,t you use just one cubicle he said,he had a very soft voice.

I took my mouth from his cock,will you come in here I asked.He picked up his trousers,I opened the door for him,he was small.

Once in my cubicle he stripped the rest of his clothes off,my naked friend was already fondling his cock and balls.He turned his arse to me and pulled me onto him,my cock was against the middle of his back,he rubbed himself hard onto it.

He moved close to the hole and my naked friend was sucking him.I bent as low as I could and managed to get my cock between his cheeks,he let me go as far as putting it to his hole,then his hand came back and held it,can,t take it he said,too tight.

He had little hands but he could wank,as he was being sucked he wanked me,then he suddenly left the hole and got on his knees,my cock just about fitted in his mouth,he moved his head rappidly,he could also mouth fuck.

My naked friend pushed himself to the hole,his mouth came off mine and onto his,back and forwards he went sucking both our cocks,all the time pulling hard on his own little cock.

He was right,he could come off he suddenly stopped mouthing both our cocks,sat back on his haunches and pulled faster and faster on his cock.I was amased how much spunk came from it,a load of it collecting on the floor between his legs.

We both watched him,wanking ourselves furiously,he squeesed the last of his spunk out then licked it from his fingers.As casual as you like he got his clothes back on,thanks chaps he said,enjoy the rest of your evening,squeesed my balls gently and left.

How about that my naked friend said,I hope you,re not thinking of wanking off just yet,I,ve got all evening I said,do you think we,ll have any more visiters,oh yes he said,oh yes.