Written by Andythom

12 Jul 2010

After tom and i sucked and spunked in the park toilets, i lelt the place after 31yrs and went back down to my own part of the country. Two years later i returned to visit friends and mates. I booked into a b&b for ten days. On the forth day i was walking along the street when i met tom we greeted each other and asked each other how we are keeping. Then he asked were i was staying. I said in a b&b which the owner's lived out and invited him up to my room. His eyes lit up with delight. Anyway i let tom into my room and shut and locked the door. I sat on the bed removing my shoes and socks i told tom to do the same. He stood in front of me i told him to remove his shirt as i undone his trousers, lowering his troursers i could feel his cock on my cheek. There he was naked. I started to wank him pulling his foreskin back and taking the tip of his cock in my mouth. His 6 and half inch cock was was hard so i suck hard and fast my hands going up to his hairy chest and pinched his nipples, my hands moved slowly around his back and down to his arse gripping his cheeks and forcing his cock further into my mouth. His cock was hard and throbbing as i suck him and i felt a drop of pre cum from his cock on my tongue. I stopped got up and said " now i'ts your turn". End of part one....