Written by silver8

29 Jan 2016

I drive for a local bus service simple small but a good little Job , lastnite I was on my last run which terminated at bluebell hill an old dogging spot that's gone vanilla , anyway a young skinny lad shock of ginger hair buck taath , well you know the type , a tea bus nutter but really pleasant with it , as I drove he was telling me where the bus came from engine size etc etc , bored I was but to polite to be rude so jokeing I said iv no idea about buses other than drive them or get a bliejob on them , silence for a few seconds , I could do that for you he syammered , well anything you want if you like. Now why this skinny boreing kid got me hard I don't know , ok I croacked I want you naked top deck at bluebell, but first show me your cock , to my suprisr he pulled his tracklies down to reveil a small nut nice looking cock , my cock lurched , I quickly looked over my shoulder to ensure nobody was on board lol , stroke it an get it as hard as my cock , , I kept glanceing at his cock now hard about 4 inches but decent thickness , ok go up Il park an then we play , I pulled into the lsuny st kits kitty. switched everything off sn dashed upstairs , I'm sorry to say it wasn't pretty or erotic I just forced him on the floor spread his legs told hom to wank an just roughly shoved my cock in his very eager mancunt. I banged his little cunt for about 30 mins , lol ok 10 if that an spewed my spunk are in his cunt I hadn't even noticed he had spunked over his tummy , I collapsed ontop of him feeling his spunk on my tummy I kept moving inside hopeing I get hard again but no luck , I'm so hopeing he comes again tonight so I can cum 9iu