Written by barnman

30 Nov 2010

A few Sundays ago I was driving home to near Sunderland from the Lake District and decided to call in at some town centre toilets in Penrith. I'd called at them several times over the last few years, generally on a Sunday afternoon, and found them quite active. This time there was no one at the urinal and I was disappointed to see that the anti-fun brigade had been in and closed up all the gaps above the cubicle partitions and ceilings so that you could no longer exchange messages and peep over. One cubicle was occupied and when I quietly looked under the door I saw two pairs of feet, one guy obviously standing close behind the other. So no guessing what they were up the lucky sods!

I was quite horny and went and stood at the urinal with my cock out in the hope that someone might come in. I didn't have to wait long before I heard the outer door open and a guy aged about late 60s came in, saw me standing there and turned and stood at the other end of the stall. He smiled and nodded "hi" and started to get his cock out, glimpsing my way as he did so. He made no attempt to hide his cock which was obviously hard so I gave him a clear view of mine. He gave a look of full approval and slid beside me and gently took hold of my cock. "That's beautiful" he whispered "and cut too, I especially like that. So nice to suck!" I complimented him on his cock too; about 6.5" (I'm just over 7"), nice and thick, uncut with a fantastic big rock hard knob that was completely uncovered. Andrew (name changed)asked if I had a place to go and I explained I was heading east. "OK", he whispered, "I live about 20 minutes away near Appleby, just 10 minutes off the A66 so it's on your way." Great!

I left the toilet first and waited for Andrew at the end of the alleyway outside. I saw him leave about 30 sceconds later and turn in my direction just as another, younger, guy was walking towards the toilet door. They obviously knew each other and were please to meet. They talked briefly, both looked on my direction with a smile and walked towards me. Andrew said, "This is Mark (name also changed) he'd like to join us. Fancy a threesome? You won't be disappointed". I agreed! Been ages since I'd had two guys at the same time.

We agreed to meet in our cars at a laybe just out side Penrith and then followed Andrew to his house. It was a fabulous converted barn at the end of a no-through-road on the edge of a tiny village with fantastic scenery. Lovely and clean, warm and comfortable.

Mark knew the set up and asked if, before we went upstairs to the bedroom, we could all have some fun in the downstairs wetroom shower. We enthusiastically agreed and whilst Andrew went through the house pulling all the curtains and blinds, Mark and I began to stripp off nad when Adrina arrived back he was also naked. It was a fantastic horny sight with three rock hard rampant cocks. Mark, who was the tallest and slimest of us all had a fantastic 7.5" cock, also uncut but with his foresin right back to the base of his shaft. Look beautiful ans so smooth and hard. I was delighted that we were all fully shaved in that area - Mark all over his slim athletic body.

Andrew turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature before we all got together soaping each other all over and taking turns to play the high pressure shower head in the importatnt area. We helped to rub each other dry and then, gathering our clothes, Andrew lead the to the bedroom. Fantastic! A large, warm, spotlessly clean room with a high ceiling and a king-size bed ready to receive us with plenty of pluped up pillows. Both sides of the bed there were fresh towels, bottles of lube and condoms.

First Andrew got us to stand in front of a large wall hung mirror and it was very sexy as we wathed ourselves sensually touchin each other all over, not just our rock hard cocks, and kissing. Mark had also complimented me on having a cut cock and said he loved being fucked with one because he can really feel the unobstucted rim of the knob stretching and sliding inside him. He wanted me to fuck him standing up while Andrew sucked him simultaneously. We all agreed and while I began to finger Mark's hole and open fim up with lots of lovely lube (Astraglide) Andrew slowly and sexiliy unwrapped a condom over the length of my cock and then applied lots of that lovely lube to that too.

We were going to fuck standing sideways on to the mirror so we could all watch it happening. Andrew watched as I began rubbing the underside iof my know up and don Mark's slit before placing the tip at the opening. He reached around and placed my tip just where he wanted it and I began to shlowy press in. He was so tight but wonderfully the same time. At last I had my knob firmly in and just let the rim slowly fuck his tight ring. We were both loving it but at lasat Mark yelled "Come right in now and fuck me long and slow." I did and it was wonderful. Mark was very good and kept tightening his ring each time I pushed in. Wonderful!

Meanwhile Andrew had gone around and was kneeling in front of Mar, first lubing his cock and then giving him what was obviously a very experienced, expert blow job. I could seein the mirror as he moved his lips back and fore along the whole lenght of that lovely cock in time with my strokes as we fucked. We were all glancing sideways in the mirror and it was a fantastic turn on. Indeed it was too much for me and though I wanted this to go on for ever I could hold on no longer and my cock errupted with the most fantastic intense orgasm. Andrew continues to slowly mouth fuck Mark while I subsided inside him and gently withdrew. Mark turned and gave me a passionate kiss of thanks.

I popped off to the en-suite bathroom and cleaned up whilst Andrew and Mark got on the bed together. When I came back into the bedroom they were enjoying a wonderful 69 session.

I was amazed that Mark hadn't cum while being fucked and sucked but thet both obviously had incredible staying power. The stopped sucking and invited me to join them on the bed. Although I'd come so strongly only a short time ago, the sight of those two guys clearly turned on by each other had a great effect and I was amazed to find myself rockhard again. Andrew said he'd been wanting to get his mouth around my cut cock and began to give me an incredible gentle blow job, lube wanking my tight shaft at the same time. Mark was really enjoying watching us and I was pleased to take his lovely hard smooth cock in my mouth while he somehow managed to suck Andrew. A perfect triangle! Never had that before and want it again!

Whilst we were all taking a break from oral play and just slowly wanking one another, Andrew explained that because he'd had some prostrate surgery a few years ago, he could no longer shoot a load (sometimes just a drop) but still, with the help of Viagra (which he'd tken before we played) he still had fantastic orgasms. He asked Mark and me to shoot our loads over his cock and chest as compensation for not being able to do it himself. He got me to kneel astride him, facing him and he held our cocks together and wanked them simultaneously. Mark knelt beside Andrew and close to me and I wanked him until, not surprisingly, he came copiously all over Andrews chest. That reallt turned him on and he was wnking us both furiously, obviously building to a climax whic I managed to coincide with me coming for the second time that afternoon (an unusual achievement so powerfully after a short break.

Andrew was delighted and so were we all abd pretty knackered but well satisfied. We all lay relaxing, talking and still taking turns to touch and kiss until it really was time to go home. We all agreed that hopeflly that was only the first time we three would meet and play again. Perfect!