Written by RoamsAbout

8 Jul 2014

This is a genuine story that happened to me a couple of months ago.

I had just checked into my hotel in Manchester and having nothing planned for the evening, I logged onto SH and joined the Bi Married Men chatroom. Before long, a private window opened up asking me how I was doing. I replied that I was doing well and we chatted for a bit before he asked me my preferences. It didn't take long for me think what I wanted. I boldly typed "Me naked. You in stockings kneeling before me in front of the hotel rooms's full length mirror. Your hands behind your back, my hands holding the back of your head. My cock sliding in and out of your mouth. You taking my load with me telling you what a cum swallowing slut you are".

As I pressed send, I didn't expect much. Many guys get put off by such directness. To my surprise, the answer came back quickly "Sounds perfect, where are you". I sent him my address and he promised to be round in an hour after he had had a shower and put the stockings. He even asked me what colour I prefered. I told him I wanted black stockings.

After about 15 mins he texted to say he was on his way and confiding how horny he felt. I slipped into the shower and then settled down in the room, wearing just my boxers, to wait his arrival, only half expecting him to follow up on his promise. However, 25 mins later there was a small tap on the door and I opened it to let Pete in. He was a little taller and younger than me, slim and looked in good shape. I was very pleased as some visitors can be visually unappealing. Pete looked pretty hot. We shook hands but neither of us were there for small talk. I told him he could put his clothes on a chair in the corner and he stripped off to reveal a relatively hairless body, black stocking clad legs and a semi erect cock that was at least a couple of inches bigger than my own six inches. He looked hot and stood there waiting for me to take the lead.

I took off my boxers, stood in front of the full length mirror and beckoned him over. He stood next to me, facing me. I took his big cock in my hand and worked it for a few seconds and felt it twitch to full attention. However, I hadn't invited him over to feel his cock. I grabbed his shoulders and gently pushed him to his knees saying "show me what a cock loving whore you are Pete". Surprisingly for me, my cock was still limp. He didn't hesitate though and cupping my balls with one hand, he took my soft cock into his mouth and began to gently suck it. I love the feel of myself hardening inside somebody's mouth and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of my cock swelling and feeling Pete's mouth move up and down my shaft. Before long I had a raging hard on and I opened my eyes to look at the sight refelected in the mirror. Pete's head was bobbing up and down and I could clearly see my cock sliding in and out of his mouth, almost to its full length. He had his nylon clad legs underneath him and his big cock jutted out from his groin, clearly demonstrating how turned on he was by what he was doing.

My own excitment mounted as Pete turned out to be a pretty skillful cock sucker. I kept up a stream of filth laden feedback for him, telling him how good his slutty mouth felt and that he was a born cocksucker. He lifted his hands to start wanking me a bit and I pushed them away, telling him to get them behind his back because he was here to suck cock, not wank. He complied readily. I was getting close now. Taking control, I slid my hands round the back of his head, touching him there for the first time. Firmly but gently, I pulled his mouth further down my shaft. He took me all in. Taking a grip of his head, I began to slowly thrust my dick in and out of his willing mouth. I could see his eyes looking up at me and switched my view back to the mirror to best appreciate what was about to happen. With a cry of pleasure, I started to spasm and I pulled his head down further, forcing my cock in as far as it would go and began to pump cum into Pete's mouth and down his throat. He gagged slightly but stuck with it and I held him there until the orgasm had passed. It was a glorious feeling and would stay in my memory for a long, long time.

Once the spasms had stopped, I pulled out of his mouth and he let the residual cum in his mouth dribble down his chest and onto his stockings. Pete stood up to get dressed and I asked him if he wanted a wank in return. He indicated that if it was alright with me, he would love it. Often I find cocksuckers are happy to go after taking my load and I usually let them, but Pete had been so eager and compliant that it would have felt mean throwing him out onto the streets of Manchester after the pleasure he had given me. I instructed him to lie on the bed and sat down next to him and took his cock in my hand and began to work it. It fely pretty good wanking such a big one. Pete lay back with his eyes shut and I began once again to tell him what a slut he looked, especially covered in my cum and wering his stockings. He began to grunt rhythically and before long, his own cum was splashing over his stomach and chest, joining mine.

He got up, cleaned himself up, got dressed and left. He had probably been there less than half an hour and said less than ten words. Top man.