Written by maxwelltan

10 Dec 2007

This happened to me about 3 months ago,but i\'m not sure whether it was a set-up. I had arranged to meet an London businessman who was up in Glasgow at his hotel for some 1 on 1 sex. I met Mike in the bar & liked him 45, fair hair (thinning)a little overweight & pleasant the bar was quiet so we had a drink & could talk freely about our preferences before going up to his room. About 20 mins into our chat his mobile rang he looked at the screen, frowned, & answered after a short pause he said \"you didn\'t get my text then? cancelling us?I\'ve got someone with me already\" after some more talk on the phone & giving a description of me \"55,grey haired, slim,tanned, shaved & versatile\" came the crunch, would we be willing to meet the caller & make it a 3some. Mike explained that he had arranged two meets for the night an hour apart in case one didn\'t show up (lets be honest how many have you had cancel at the last minute or not show) & when I arrived he sent a text stopping the second but the caller hadn\'t got it & would be there in 10 mins. We decided to meet him & see what the score was. John turned out to be mid thirties, short dark hair, & a muscular build, we got more drinks & John stated his limits \"I\'m strictly a top I get sucked I don\'t suck & I fuck I don\'t get fucked\" well since Mike & I were both versatile that was no problem so we all went up to the room. We tore our clothes off to start but John kept his Jockeys on & suggested Mike & I start & he would join in later we got on the bed & started licking & sucking each other till we ended up 69ing Mike on top sucking my average sized cock & me on my back licking his long thin one. I had just concluded that John was a was a watcher rather than a doer as he was still sitting in the chair with his hand inside his shorts wanking away when he stood up, dropped his pants, & there it was, 8 inches of solid thick cock he could just get his forefinger thumb to meet round it \"So who wants some of this fucked down their throat?\"John asked. Mike got there first by pulling up from my cock & at the same time ramming his cock hard into my mouth till I gagged on it. After a few seconds I heard John say to Mike \"open wide thats a GOOD boy, wider, relax your jaw muscles, ooh thats it in, now lets see how much we can swallow\" from the underside I could see the wet shaft going in till Mike gagged on it Johns hands on the back of his head ensuring he couldn\'t evade any of the thrusts. John pulled out of Mikes mouth & a small river of saliva ran down the shaft onto his balls. John said \"Max, ready for some hard cock in your mouth?\" I said \"I\'m not sure I can get it in but lets give it a try\" immediately there was the swollen purple head of his cock dangling down as he got astride me & I felt the tip brush past my lips & teeth & my tongue was flattened against my wide open jaw as the bulk of his cock filled my mouth. I heard John say \"not bad thats a good length in now lets see how you go with it being fucked into you\" so saying he raised his torso above me till just the head of his cock was still in my mouth & then he slid the hard shaft down into my gaping mouth & I felt the head rasp along the roof of my mouth till it curved round at the back & went on down till it plugged my throat, each slow stroke was the same & after I had closed my lips slightly thus rolling the foreskin back & forth with each thrust every one to a satisfied groan. It couldn\'t have been long when he stopped suddenly on an out stroke & he said \"Lets get down to some serious 3 way fucking guys I\'m feeling really horny\" & pulled his cock out of my mouth like a cork out of a wine bottle. More tomorrow