Written by 5ing13guy

24 May 2010

Hi Guys

Thought i would share this with you and hope you enjoy as much as i did.

Driving home one night feeling very horny i passed a local known dogging area and thought what the hell lets see what is around. Anyway i stopped and all that was parked up was two trucks, bit disappointing i thought, but hung around for a bit.

After about five mins, one of the truck doors opened and this big trucker walked to my car, he knocked on the window, so i opened. What are you looking for was the question, my answer was obviously hot cock. he smiled and moved closer to the window, i then undid his fly and out sprung big heavy hard cock. I smiled and started to lap it up, god i was hot for it. His fat cock filled my willing mouth for a few minutes, he then beckoned me to his truck, where i was then greeted by my second hot trucker, now i was in heaven or at least i hoped i was. I was lead into an empty forest area before trucker number one, ushered my mouth onto his cock again. I sucked licked and deep throated his fat cock while trucker number two got his monster out too, pushing it into my hand, i wanking his fat one hard and sucked on trucker number ones big end, my head was spinning i wanted them so much. They then both stood in front of me, me taking it in turns to suck each cock, loving their taste i just did not stop until they wanted me too. They then said stop now, and i was thinking that was it, until they asked me to strip for them, the night was warm so i was fine with that, mind u dont think a cold night would have stopped me. Trucker number one laid me on the floor, i could not argue as they were big guys, he then spread me wide and slowly fill my ass with his fat cock, i was in heaven gasping as he filled me deep, trucker number two then squatted above my face, and lowered his ass onto it my tongue rimming him deep as my ass was fucked for all its worth.The pleasure was overwhelming as these two fat truckers took me. I was then truned onto all fours, as trucker number two filled me ass, and trucker number one had his fat cock sucked again, hmm my ass was being ball slapped the same time as my chin, i was moaning with pure pleasure, as there two hairy fat guys used me, swapping positions almost at will, so i was tasting plenty of my own ass. They both fucked me for what seemed like forever and i wished it was. Then almost at the same time theyboth said they were close to cumming. They both then stood in front of me while i sucked trucker one, who throbbed in my mouth before filling my throat with his hot cum, me lapping it up for all it was worth, cleaning his dirty cock, then trucker number two filled my mouth already leaking cum from trucker number one, he face fucked me then again filled my mouth with his hot cum, i cleaning his fat cock too, taking all the cum i possibly could, i did not want to let go. The two truckers then just got up and went towards there truck, i shouted out wow how good are you, but they did not reply. I got dressed with a big smile on my face, and being very hard could not resist wanking myself off still tasting their hot cum. After that i walked back towards their truck and my car, and as i walked past their truck, the door opened. Come in they said........until next time...happy reading