Written by pete125

17 Feb 2014

Went to my usual car park on the A46 last night. A few cars there. Started talking to a chap and very soon we were feeling each other. Someone else came out from the woods so three of us were feeling each other. The second one already had his cock out so I went down and started sucking. First one seemed not to like that and went off. Don't know why as I would have done him as well! Second one unable to come as it was a bit cold so he went. Only me in car park when another car pulled in. I got out and went over to see if he was interested. He opened his door and I was greeted by a very erect cock. I went down and sucked him, very nice. He got out and we went round to the back of the car where he pulled his trousers down. I sucked him again for a couple of minutes and he pulled out and turned around so I could rub my cock all over his arse, lovely. He was very smooth and I caressed and fondled him more. I then went down and sucked him again. Very soon he said he was going to shoot, I said in my mouth. He pulled out and got me to wank him to a finish. I caught some on my hand hand and had a taste. Very nice.