Written by Billyboy

18 Oct 2017

This is a very recent adventure I had

My names Billy. I live in Uxbridge. I'm married guy 3 kids. Completley straight or thought

I fell out of the pub and offered s couple I know a lift home as they lived en route. I used my Uber app and up popped the name of Savic collecting in 3 mins.

He promptly turned up and we all climbed in. Me in the front

Savic made me miss a breath. He was around 25 years old. Blonde and to be honest beautiful.

In my slightly drunk state I thought " Christ I fancy him ".

I began flirting outrageously with this Latvian hunk , much to the amusement of my passengers and I was laughing away also , but Jesus! I was horny for this hunk but having no gay experience I dismissed it in my head

I dropped my friends and proceeded on " Sorry Savic" I said. " hope I wasn't being too much of a dick then with the chatting up ha ha " I spoke

" aw you wasn't serious. I am very sad " he smiled

I thought a second. Then thought Fuck it.

" what if I meant it? You are easily fanciable "

" then happily I finish after you so perhaps u have a place ?" And then his hand was on my cock which was busting to get out of my jeans !!

" travelodge .... right now ". I begged .....

At the travelodge I was sobering quickly at what was coming. Butterflies in my stomach going mad and I was thinking to myself that any second I'm going to laugh at myself for being so stupid. Slap myself and head home

But it wasn't happening .. because this blonde east European was simply fucking gorgeous ,

I paid the room blathering on about too drunk to get home and my freeing was seeing me to my room etc etc.

The clerk just nodded . Whatever

We found the room and went in an I'm thinking " shit. What now ?"

" you always bring men here "? He asked

" ha ha ha no in fact I'm not sure why we are here ... if you want to go....??

He walked towards me and took my hand and placed it on his crotch.

Christ. I'm not a small guy but he was covering a sauce bottle.

He smiled. Took a step back and went on his knees.

He unbuckled my belt and released my cock which was damm purple it was so hard

I looked up and felt his tounge tip on the end and then he was taking me in the mouth.


They say only lesbians know how to lick fanny ? Well this was the best damm cock sucking I have ever had

He pushed me onto the bed and put my legs back.

Sucking away now hus tounge travelled down my shaft , around my balls and into my anus

Wooooooooooooww. ( again ).

This was incredible. I grabbed his head and started to wank with his mouth clamped around my cock and ...