Written by bislut

25 Feb 2012

So i will start from the beginning sorry if this is long but hey its all true so needs the background. i was just 19 and started university the original plan was to commute to the uni and live at home to save on costs, however this all changed when my mum moved to a new house which would have meant an 1hr and 30min commute each day. with this dilemma i thought of staying in halls until my Aunt (dads sister) said she had the spare room and would be happy to have me over during the week.

Result as they only lived 30miles from the uni. i settled in well there and often spent the evening chatting to my aunt and her husband steve (not real name), the only downfall i found was that i used to enjoy slipping into a sexy thong or panties,stockings and suspenders and using several toys i had acting like a real slut. This was a prob at my aunts as in the evenings one of them was always home and during the day i was at uni.

My aunt got a call one week and said she would b away for a for a few days on business this got even better when i had a free day a uni due to a water leak in the lecture rooms, straight away my thoughts went to dressing up and fucking myself silly. I rushed bk and made sure to lock the front door my uncle is a self employed roofer and has only been with my aunt for 4 yrs. I raced up stairs and stripped off, pulling on a sexy little thong, rolled up the stockings and on went the suspenders felt like a lil slut again i pulled out my toy 3 different size butt plugs and an 8insucker ended dildo.

Away i went slipping the butt plugs into my ass gasping as they went in getting myself ready for the big boy. i stuck the rubber sucker to my headboard and backed on to this 8in monster god i was in heaven eyes shut rocking back and forth fucking myself good, this is when the moment came i opened my eyes and to my horror there was my uncle stood there in the dorrway. in a mad panic i went to explain i know how stupid how can u explain that haha. rather than goin mad he said i looked good and he had been watching me for a few minutes, i could see a blantant bullge in his jeans. he came towards me and said that my aunt ought not to find out about this but the clause was i had to do what he asked. Puzzled i asked what he meant and with that he unbutton his jeans andslipped them down along with his pants, i was confronted with a glistening 7in fat cock he said i act like a slut and there will b his slut.

I was taken aback by this and wasnt sure what to do he commmanded me to suck him i reluctantly obliged dropping to my my knees i took hold of his cock my hand didnt even fit around it, i opened up and slid my lips around it mmmm heaven i thought he grunted as i sucked deeper fondling his balls with one hand, after a few minutes he pulled his cock from me and lied on the bed he got me to face away from him in a kinda 69 position with my ass in the air he ordered me to continue as did as told, i felt a cool sensation on my hole followed by my big butt plug he was doing my ass as i sucked his cock. This lasted about 5/10 mins him calling me a good little slut and his bitch etc, He ordered me to put my hands against the headboard and bend over oh god i thought he is going to fuck me i did as told and knelt on the bed my hands holding the top of the headboard my pert ass sticking out he came behind me and i felt more lube being applied then his cock nudging at my hole he slipped in pretty easily after such a good toying he then proceeded to fuck me holding my waist i could feel his balls banging againt my ass he fucked me for 15 mins banging me like a real slut. he had me straddle him and ride him bouncing up and down this didnt last long as i felt a huge build up then mmmmmm he exploded in me i climbed off and he stood up and said from now on im his bitch and he will use me whenever he felt like he walked out the room picking up his clothes i frantically wanked and had the best orgasm ever. i stayed there for 2 more yrs and boy he was true to his word using me like a cock whore whenever he felt like it