Written by Andy

7 Oct 2011

I was'nt sure if I should have been more explicit with language but its not my way.Yes young Joe 19 and I did end up having a sexual relationship,very intense in the beginning but less so lately.He had previously had homosexual experience so innitially took the lead,giving me time to adjust to same sex pleasures.

The first touch of his fingers on my penis is etched on my brain,I suppose I was surprised by the softness of his touch,I admit I was surprised that the hands of a young man could feel so good,so soft so gentle yet sexually one of the most pleasurable moments of my life.

He moved his arm around me and brought our bodies into full contact,his other hand continuing to masturbate me,the softness of his lips and the scent of his youthfulness completely expelled any lingering doubts I had about sex with another man,I found myself responding,kissing him as passionately as I'd ever kissed my wife as we engaged in sexual intercourse.

He took his hand from between our bodies allowing our respective sexually charged penis's to caress,his skin was so soft yet contrasting so beautifully with the hardness of that part of him which defined him as a man.So easily then I was embracing him again as I so often did with my wife moving my hands over the curves of his bottom,I was aware of the joy of our nipples touching,the need to move my fingers between his legs,I wanted to make love to him,I needed to make love to him,I had completely forgotten that this was a young man,I had'nt experienced such sexual desire in many years.

I touched a young mans genitals for the first time in my life,the hardness of his penis contrasting with the silky movement of his young testicles,he responded to my touch,I felt the muscles of his bottom tighten in the fingers of my other hand and then the movement of his hips as his body went into lovemaking mode.

He moved his hand back between our bodies and our hands touched as we masturbated each other.It had been so long since I'd ejaculated in the embrace of another person no matter how hard I tried to make the moment last I could no longer prevent the inevitable.

He held me tighter onto his body as I experienced an orgasm I had'nt thought I was capable of anymore,enhanced by feeling his semen being ejaculated from his beautiful testicles.

There was so much more for me to enjoy over the next couple of days as he took me from the simple pleasure of mutual male masturbation to sexual intercourse.