Written by Lenovo_1

7 Jul 2014

I always enjoy wearing womens panties & stockings. At 1 point I was not working and bored with the daily routine of life. I put on a pair of stockings and panties and went on to the chat room. It was around 10 in the morning. I expected nothing more than maybe a private web cam and wank when suddenly a message came up if anyone was in my area. i could not have responded quicker but was nervous as hell. 10 minutes later a van parked across the street and a builder of about 45 walked to the door. I opened the door in my dressing gown and got him to follow me to the computer. I was in the Bigaymarried room and sucked him for all to see but then felt the need for more. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said yes. I got a condom and slipped in on to his erect penis and bent over the sofa in just my panties and stockings. He pulled the panties aside and fucked me hard pulling at my hair. He pinched my nipples and used me as a slut for which I was grateful. He pumped harder and harder and then moaned as he filled the condom. He then removed it went to the door and left. I emptied the contents on my belly and wanked while tasting his seed. My ass was sore but I felt nice.