Written by Terry

16 Sep 2013

As a widower of a twilight age sex was a thing I thought about but hadn't indulged in,except on a personal level for a considerable time,sex with another man had never even entered my mind.Computers are new to me and I suppose it is simple curiosity that guided me to explore sex sites,this being one of them,I will guiltily admit that I've used them to assist in pleasuring myself,that was all until a few weeks ago.

I'd popped into the local pub,I'm not a regular drinker,I was sitting on my own when a young man at the next table started talking about our nice summer,one thing led to another and it transpired he was as is many of his age unemployed,he has told me he's 19.He was talking about the things he can do and I was talking about the things I can no longer do,decorating being one of them,as much out of sympathy as necessity I said I could do with my bedrooms re-doing,I told him I still had the equipment.

When he arrived,on foot,he was wearing just a teeshirt and pair of shorts,my first thought was I looked like that once,slim and agile,I'll admit I took guilty pleasure at that age wearing tight speedo swimming trunks,I think a slight thought did come to my mind seeing him in his little shorts what he'd look like in white speedos,I wonder if that was my first gay thought,I put it from my mind.

I suggested that I had a pair of overalls he could wear,when I got them for him he completely unabashed,as we discussed the job, removed his teeshirt and shorts,to say his undies were skimpy would be an understatement,to my eyes they were tiny,and thinking of white speedos,his undies were dazzling white and barely sufficient to cover his privates,but he seemed completely unaware,I said to myself stop being so old fashioned young people these days are different,I hoped he didn't notice my uneasiness.

The overalls were a bit big but he rolled up the legs and sleeves,after a cup of tea he started work,the day was getting very warm,he was doing my spare room,it was good to hear him singing,company in the house.After a couple of hours I looked in on him,to tell him I was popping to the nearby shops,he was up the stepladder,he had removed the overalls and even wearing just the little undies again he was sweating profusely,his skin was glistening,with a guilty mind again, I couldn't stop myself noticing the outline of his "penis"through the thin material.

My mind was in turmoil as I went to the shops why was I thinking that another man was so beautiful,it was as if I was having sexual thoughts about him.I can remember shouting to him that I was back,there was no response,I went upstairs,I could hear him working,I went in the room,to say I was taken aback was to completely understate things,he was naked.completely naked,he must have seen my disbelief or whatever was happening to me,you OK with me like this he said,indicating to his nakedness,but its so warm in here,all I could think of was he was absolutely gorgeous,I felt life in my loins that I hadn't felt for so long,I was actually getting a spontaneous erection,these days I always had to masturbate myself long and hard to reach hardness and only occasionally managing an ejaculation.

OK if I go downstairs for a drink he said,I could hear myself say yes,yes,of course,I don't know if I thought he might put his undies back on but he didn't,as he passed my paralised body he put his fingers against my forehead,wow you're hot he said,how can you wear so much in this heat,I only had on teeshirt and pants,I feel so free when I'm like this,I wasn't sure but I thought his "penis" touched the back of my hand as he passed me.

He was chatting on as he headed down the stairs,I followed him,just seeing the way his beautiful cheeks moved as he went down ahead of me,I was in a state of utter confusion,I was aware that I had as near a full erection as I had experienced for oh so long,it was as if I gone back many years ,I wanted desperately to handle myself,I wanted to masturbate,I wanted to ejaculate,his bottom was also gorgeous.

He went into the kitchen and started to run the tap,when he turned towards me he turned my world upside down,his "penis",though lovely in its flacid state was now for me indescribable,it had increased in size,now standing out from his beautiful glistening body amasingly it was only then I noticed his pubic are was devoid of hair.

When he moved toward me and put his fingers bavk on my forehead,I know I that only a few hours ago I would have been telling him to leave,now I just trembled at his touch.I made no attempt to stop him when he reached for the hem of my teeshirt and lifted it above my head and off,his fingers now touched my nipples had I ever in my life had a feeling like this before,I had completely forgotten my own age,I knew what was now between my legs.

He sucked gently on both my nipples in turn,at the same time I could feel his fingers undoing my pants,I was completely in his power now.I felt his hand move down inside my own undies and his fingers take hold of my "penis",now harder than it had been since my youth and every bit as eager.I hardly noticed as I aided him to become as naked as he was.As if it was the most natural thing in the world I found myself embracing him,our genitals were wanting each other,my hands were behind him holding those beautiful cheeks,feeling they're youthful life,harder and harder our genitals rubbed and caressed,I was aware we were kissing like young lovers,tongues deep in each others mouths.

Somehow I knew he was about to ejaculate,though I'd never made love to a man before,I knew,I just knew,and then he was ejaculating,so hot,so hot,spurting onto me,I'm thinking come on ,come on,let go,let it happen,I knew I was probably almost squeezing the life out of him as my own EJACULATION exploded onto his so soft hairless skin.

We stood holding each other,letting our spent genitals soften against each other.For the next two days we literally didn't get dressed,he showed me ways of making love that I thought were just complete fantasy.I don't know if I'm being a little disloyal writing this,but he's away for a while and it is helping me to keep my renewed ability to masturbate and ejaculate,seeing in my mind his lovely naked body and the vision that he is when he's wearing his flimsy little undies,I know he's not a female but with his smooth soft hairless body in tiny panties he is to me even more beautiful.