Written by Steve.

29 Oct 2011

This is my first story on here,I found this site by accident a couple of weks ago,Ive tried to look to see whats behind the camera icons but I think I need to sign to do that,but I cant sign because Im still living at home with my mother and I go on to her username and I'd be frightened a message might come through,I'M into men in undies,my mother do'nt know I'm bisexual.

It was earlier this year that I first had sex with somebody else and that was with another man,I'm in my late teens now and from my early teens when I first started wanking I would have thoughts about naked men or men in sexy undies,even in clothes shops I would take clothes into the changing rooms to see if I could see men in their undies,I know Im weird but I can;t help it.

I started working for a gardening firm in May this year and it was when I was doing some work at a local vicars place that I ended up having sex.I think I was probably set up by him,he said I could use the shed at the bottom of the garden to change in and the second day I went in there there was a bunch of keys sticking in the lock of an old sideboard.I should'nt have done but I opened the thing and had a look inside,right away I could see bras and knickers and things.

After a while he came down to where I was working in the garden and told me he'd be out for the rest of the day and to make sure I locked the side entrance gate when I left and he left me on my own.I kept thinking about the things in the sideboard and ended up going back to have a look at them.There was 3or 4 bras and about half a dozen little knickers,just little lacy things.At first I just felt them and put them against my face,then I noticed something else,on the other shelf there was magazines,I'd never seen anything like them,I knew about gay sex but I'd never seen pictures of it,there was page after page of naked lads,then pages in other magazines of lads wanking or sucking each others cocks,there was other magazines of girls wearing sexy underwear.

While I'm lokking at them I got an erection and knowing I was on my own at first I just took my cock out and wanked as I'm looking at the pictures.one thing led to another and I took off my shorts and my teeshirt and stood there in my undies wanking myself.I don't know what came over me but as I'm getting more sexually aroused I took my undies off and continued wanking naked as I looked at more and more of the magazines.

At first I just used one of the knickers to hold around my cock to wank myself and then I'm putting it on,there was hardly anything of it,but I'd never felt anything like it before,I had to stop wanking for a couple of minutes.I managed to fit the bra on and I'm turning page after page of the magazines,looking from the girls in the undies to the lads wanking or sucking.I turned a page and found something else,there was a4 size pictures,photos really,of the vicar,in the first one he was naked,he was wanking himself and then in the next one he was in a different position wanking himself and then there was one of him actually coming off there was one of a back view of him bent over with his legs apart showing his balls hanging down and his crack.

There were 6or7 pictures of him weathe underwear that was in the sideboard,all the time wanking himself.I noticed a drawer in the sideboard and pulled it open,there were loads of pictures of the vicar,in a lot of them he was with young men,some of the time they were wearing the knickers and bras and he was wanking or sucking them and in others they were doing to him while he wore the underwear.There was also a lot of them where again he is naked doing things to himself,in a number of them he is inserting various objects up his bottom while hes wanking himself and then in a separate envelope theres a dozen or so of either him fucking one of the young men or they fucking him.

In my excitement I wanked myself off,got spunk on the knickers and all over the shed floor'a bit of panic set in and of course after coming off I lost my sex drive,I cleaned the knickers as best I could and put everything back where I thought they had been,cleaned the spunk from the floor and locked the sideboard.

A week later I was back to do his grass again,I was only there about 5 minutes when he came and told me he was away for the rest of the day.I did'nt think the keys would be in the sideboard but they were and even before I opened the door I started to get an erection,I did'nt bother to wait I stripped off,I'd thought about the magazines,underwear and photos non stop all week,I went straight for the photos,at first I thought I was going mad,it looked like me in the photo,then I realised it was me,theres photos of me taking my shorts off,then my teeshirt,I'm in my undies wanking,then I'm taking my undies off,I'm naked wanking myself.I thought I was going to pass out,I felt completely weak and dizzy,the erection I had a second or two earlier had gone.

I'll just take the photos I thought, but then of course he'd have more,I had'nt even thought about how he'd done it,what had I done,there was even photos of me coming off,cleaning the knickers and the floor,stiil naked but without my erection,there was a couple of photos of my cock erect and then limp.

I never even heard him coming into the garden,it was only when the shed door opened and he was standing there looking at me,he looked very very pleased,I could'nt move,I could'nt speak,I was'nt even aware that I was naked.Its alright Steve he said,your secrets safe with me,I was about your age when I started,you can't change what you are so enjoy your body.He'd closed the door behind him and was already starting to undress,I tried to speak but nothing would come out,he had already removed his shoes jacket and shirt,he was undoing his pants,he was still saying things to me,he pushed his pants down and off,he had a pair of yellow undies on,I could see that he was already almost fully erect,he's still saying things to me as he takes his undies off,his cock stood straight out visibly rising in jerking movements.

He was standing close to me,he picked up the photos of me wanking myself one by one,it took me ages to select these from the recording I made,look up there he said pointing to a shelf,it took me a second or two to spot the camera,its recording us now he said,his hand reached and took hold of my cock,I tried to pull away,he held on,you live at....he told me my address,just you and your mother he said,he was smiling at me.

Relax Steve he said as he started to pull gently on my cock,its amasing that however scared I was then his fingers pulling on my cock was having an effect,I started to get an erection,within a matter of seconds with his soft voice and his fingers my cock is fully hard and in the palm of his hand being wanked.Mine he said reaching for my hand and putting it on his,come on Steve its alright,we'll take it nice and slow,I'll tell your boss you did extra work for me.....I've got to stop telling my story for now,my mother is due home,she'd go mental if she caught me.