2 Jun 2016

As the weather changed to hot I went to the local toilets wearing a t-shirt shorts and no pants . I love going to the toilets to suck cock and fuck arse, all ages and colours turn up especially in the summer. I have to say I'm in good shape I'm not bad looking and I get a lot of action in these toilets, especially Indians seem to want me. So I get there with a semi and walk in, the usual suspects are here with a few new faces aswell. I don't mess about and stand in the middle of the toilets, pull my shorts down and start wanking my cock nice and slow.

It's not long before I've an old guy sucking on my cock and playing with my balls, another guy is behind me rubbing my butt cheeks. As this is happening I take my t-shirt off and another man is sucking on my nipples, I'm so horny having these 3 men playing with me. The guy behind me is caressing my butt hole so I lean forward and hope he either finger fucks me or rims me, he does the latter. It's not long before I cum in the first guys mouth, I then lean right over and open up my butt cheeks.i can feel a cock pushing into my hole so I relax my arse and let him enter into me. It felt really good as he started fucking me, slowly to start with then faster. There must of been about 3 other blokes there watching, I was so horny I wanted them all to fuck me.i was getting pounded by this guy and loving every thrust, but I wanted more. Another cock was close so I grabbed it and pulled it, gently. I shoved it into my mouth and started sucking on it, it tasted salty but very nice. He shot his load in my mouth , nice. Another cock came over so I started sucking that, still whilst I was getting rooted by this man. Anther load shot down my throat which I swallowed every drop of, and still I was getting fucked relentlessly. I asked the fella fucking me if he wanted to change position, he said he wanted me to ride him so I stood up and went into a cubicle with him and let him sit down so I could ride him. As I sat on his cock I started riding him fast. He started sucking on my nipples and playing with my cock, this man was a sex god. I'd had enough of this man fucking me so I leant back and started playing with his balls, they were smooth and big, still he wasn't close to cumming. I think it was at least 20 mins he'd been fucking me, I asked if he was close to cumming but he just smiled at me and said no. My arse was getting sore now so I said I need to stop soon as it's beginning to hurt, that seemed to recharge his batteries as he started fucking me harder and faster, then he erupted into my arse. The fucker got off on giving me pain but my god he fucked so well!!