Written by Bi sub for Dom

31 Dec 2012

My wife regularly travels down to visit her family in the Watford area leaving me home for at least 2 evenings a week.

I usually take the oppertunity to strip naked and cam on SW and as i can accom or travel I advertise in the chat rooms for some bi/gay fun.

First week in Dec my wife arrange to spend an extra day away to help her family with xmas shopping, I had cammed for 2 evenings with no takers except some great kinky phone fun, I showered & duoched the best i could and was just about to open up SW and cam again when the mobile rang it was a guy who i was talking to on the weds evening who was interested in some phone fun I had given him my number but he didnt call, it turned out he had a visitor and couldn't call me but had continued to watch me on cam as i wanked off and play with my ass whilst on the phone.

He spoke about watching on cam and missing his call, then he came out with it 'Im 22 miles away in a hotel on business and either want me there or he's coming to my place' I said we Ok sounds great but what are you looking for, he said when we were text talking in the chat room on weds you told me you are a cock sucking, ass rimmer with a tight ass hole ready to fuck, well is said yes you have got that right so your place or mine, he lets call him John said well have you got condoms lube & toys, oh yes ive plenty of them here, ok then john said were do you live.

Half and hour later the mobile rang and john was outside in the street, the front door opened and in walked john offering his hand to shack and saying hello, he was about 50 six foot tall, a medium build with short dark hair and the remains of a summer tan.

we walked into the living room, i did the usual thing offer a drink 'coffee, beer, wine and ask john to sit down on the leather sifa.

No john said we both know what im here for so lets working out what we are up for.

Well i said my safe word is xxxxxxxxx if I say it you stop simple as apart from that what do you want, John said strip i want to see whats on offer, my tshirt was over my head in a flash and my cock was hard as iron before i even unclipped my belt; jeans and pants down and there i was naked for john mmmmm he said nice turn around let me see your ass, bend over he said and let me see your hole mmmmmmmm nice you have toys he said yes i have, what about some of your wife cloths panties, bra things like that yes i know some thi ng fit I said.

John stood up and stripped his cock was 7 inches, nice and fat his cock & ball flexing as his stood in front of me this is what you are going to get, i licked my lips and knelt in front of him i wrapped my fingers around his shaft and wanked his cock a couple of times, then i opened my mouth and in one go i took his 7 inches down my throat, john held my head and as i started to suck him john pushed his cock into me holding my head deep on him, i gasped for breath and john removed his cock from my mouth allowing me to take in air then to the back of my throat again, spit was running out of my mouth and i choked on johns lenght and my eyes started to water.

Thats enough of that for now in the bedroom lets find something fopr you to wear in the bedroom we both started to look in the wardrobes I like these panties john says wear them now he said, i siad oh look hold up stockings mmmmmmmm john said yes.

He sat back on the bed let me see you roll them up your legs i pearched on the corner of the bed and one at a time rolled the hold ups up each leg, i fixed a stare on john as i streached out my stocking clad legs as john wank furiously on his cock his ball flexed as john pinch each nipple I bent over and run my hand up my sheer legs oh shit john said in a whisper i turned back to face him my cock was sticking out of my tiny panties i placed my index finger of my right hand to my lips and gentle rubbed my cock with my left hand and slowly stepped towards john resting on the pillow.

in half a second john was on all fours, rim me bitch he blasted open up my hole and lick my ass pipe, john has a soft hairy body but his ass crack is obviously shaved i knelt on the bed behind john and went to work on his hole john stopped wanking grunting i was making him come and placed both hands on the headboard and started pushing his hole back at my face, i worked some finger around his hole which made john riggle I dont know how long I worked on johns hole but my tongue and jaw almost locked with pain but his ass juice tasted so good I wanted more and more and john wanted to give me all of his hole.

Right I cant take his anymore john said fuck time, on all fours he said and where are the toys and lube, i positioned myself ready for john and lent over to the side draw and opened the top shelf, 2 types of lube, beeds and a six inch pink dildo , john dripped lube on my hole as i felt the cold lube hit my ring i flexed my hole mmmmmmmmmmm john said thats loose enough already I dont need to get you ready for my lenght, but there something about watch a dildo go up a sub and without any warning the dildo was in me up to the hilt, fuck me i barked oh fucking hell keep going I shouted jesus rip into me i said fucking work my hole you son of a bitch the dildo went in and out about 50 times in 20 seconds I was shaking in delight them pop john pushed the dildo past the hilt and the dildo was lost in my ass pipe, i held my hole tightly closed but the feeling of pain and pleasure at the same time was just to much and my ass muscles fired the dildo back out into johns waiting hand.

Oh i'm going to enjoy this john said as he rolled a condom over his cock in real terms it had only been minutes since i had that cock in my mouth but i was in a dream as he slowly pushed his cock into me, i going to feel evey second of this fuck he whispered in my ear.

The next 20 minuets was a a bler as john fucked me hard and fast then slow and long and every position he could think off.

i was on my back with my legs either side of johns hips as he stated to grunt sweat was dripping from his body as he stated to shudder john pulled his cock from my now slack anus with a snap the condom was removed from his swollen bellend and with just 3 jerks streams of hot white spunk fired from john's cock with 2 long streams hitting my face the rest run down my chest and stomach matting my chest hair, i scopped johns spunk of my face and chest with my fingers then licked them clean of seed, john watched me and wank the reamains of his cum from his cock, sucking in oxygen to get his breath back.

In one sudden move john was of the bed stay there he calmly said to me as he left the bedroom for the bathroom, I sat up a bit on the bed to see all the spunk on my stomach finding more to lick up i heard the shower stop and john came back into the bedroom towelling hinmself down i checked out johns body as he dryed himself not a word was said as john dressed, right john said wank your cock mix your cum with mine on your belly, as i jerked my cock john took out his phone and snapped away im cuming i said, john moved closer and filmed 5 pop of spunk fire from my cock, I rubbed the spunk into my skin & lick my fingers clean, John said that the sub slut iv'e just fucked and clicked the phone cam off.

Right i'm out of here you were very good he said, we will make better plans next time as i've got much more i'm going to do with you.

Within seconds the front door had shut and john was gone, i showered and clicked onto SW as my profile came up the mobile rang it was john he thanked me for being such a slut allowing him to use me, i see your online john said start a pvt room he said, and that another story. xxxxxxxxxxx